5 Tree Trimming Tips You Need to Remember

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Being a homeowner comes with a lot of responsibilities. Not only are you responsible for your house, but you’re also charged with caring for the property your home sits on. This includes trimming the trees.

While most people assume tree trimming is all about keeping things presentable, there’s a lot more to it than that. It also keeps your property safe from falling branches during storms and helps the tree thrive.

But what do you know about trimming trees? Do you feel comfortable doing this chore?

We’re here to help. Keep reading for our top five tree trimming tips to get you started.

1. Use the Right Tools

As with any project, you need the proper tools for the job. Sure, you can improvise if necessary, but it never turns out as well as when you use the right tools.

For thicker cuts, we recommend using loppers, which are great for tree smaller tree limbs, thick vines, and heavy shrubbery. For hard-to-reach heavier cuts, we recommend using a pole saw. Finally, a chain saw is necessary for the biggest cuts.

2. Make Safety a Top Priority

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of safety in our tree trimming tips. If you’re using a ladder, make sure it’s on stable ground and you have someone spotting you. Additionally, be conscious of falling limbs and branches that could injure those below.

Lastly, make sure you’re wearing the appropriate clothing to avoid unnecessary scratches, cuts, and bruises. This includes safety glasses, a hard hat, long sleeves, gloves, pants, and hardy boots.

3. Get Rid of Dead, Diseased, or Infested Limbs

The importance of tree trimming can’t be overstated. Trimming trees isn’t just about keeping branches away from your house or improving the aesthetics of your yard. Tree pruning is also about protecting the vitality of the tree.

If a tree has dead, dying, diseased, or pest-infested limbs, the entire tree is vulnerable. Cutting away these parts of the tree might be necessary to keep it alive and thriving.

4. Know Where to Make Your Cuts

Learning how to trim trees effectively and responsibly means learning where to make your cuts. If you cut off vital parts of the tree, you could significantly damage its overall health.

When cutting off branches, make sure you cut on the branch side of the stem collar. This will prevent you from damaging the other part of the limb. It also helps the tree heal from the trimming.

Furthermore, learn how often to trim trees, as over-trimming can be harmful. Mature trees should only be trimmed every three to five years, while younger trees can be trimmed every two to three years.

5. Know When to Call the Professionals

One of the most important tree trimming tips is to know when you’re in over your head. Whether the project is too big, too dangerous, or you lack the proper tools, you need to know when to call a professional tree trimming service.

They can help you get the job done quickly, safely, and effectively. They also have the expertise to ensure the tree isn’t harmed in the process. Furthermore, they’ll complete the job with the most aesthetically pleasing results.

Looking for More Tree Trimming Tips and Lawn Care Advice?

At One Two Tree, we take lawn care seriously. We have expert technicians who specialize in tree trimming/pruning, stump removal, tree removal, palm injections, and more. They’ll also stick around and give you some tree trimming tips to help you in the future.

Contact us today to get a free quote about our tree trimming services. And for more lawn care advice, look through some of our other blog articles before you go.

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