How to Control Common Florida Weeds

florida weeds, dandelion seed heads blowing in wind
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How to Control Common Florida Weeds: Spring Edition 

Weed infestations are an easy way to spoil summer fun on your Florida lawn. The last thing any homeowner wants to be doing on a scorching hot summer day is dealing with pesky lawn weeds. Florida grass types like St. Augustine grass, also need specific care when applying weed killer on especially hot days. We’ve compiled some tips for spring weed control to make your summer a bit more enjoyable with tips for weed prevention and proper lawn maintenance.  

Florida Lawn Care Tips for Early Spring Weed Control 

Springtime in Florida is a beautiful season, but it’s also when weeds start sprouting up in lawns. Keeping your lawn healthy and weed-free requires special attention this time of year. Let’s dive into effective weed control tips for spring Florida weeds. 

How to Prevent Florida Weeds: Pre-Emergent Herbicides 

Pre-emergent herbicides are used as a weed preventer. Apply them in early spring, before weed seeds can germinate, to prevent summer weeds from sprouting. They are the best way to prevent annual weeds before the growing season. Not all weeds can be prevented, so you shouldn’t expect a completely weed-free lawn. Hand-pulling and using weed killer through summer will keep Florida lawn weeds under control. 

How to Control Florida Weeds: Post-Emergent Herbicides 

Post-emergent weed controls are selective herbicides used to kill weeds that have already popped up in your lawn. They’re great for spot treatments and targeting specific lawn weeds without harming your grass. Apply these weed killers directly to the weeds according to the instructions on the product label or consider a professional lawn care service for ongoing lawn maintenance and weed control. 


Regular mowing helps keep your lawn healthy and prevents weeds from taking over. A frequent mowing schedule and mowing at the recommended height for your grass type can be an easy way to control Florida weeds. Weed control is also more effective on immature or new weeds which is why weekly mowing is crucial. For the first mow of the season, bag your grass clippings to prevent spreading weed seed heads back into the lawn and encouraging thatch build-up.  

Core Aeration

Aerating your Florida lawn helps improve soil drainage and reduces soil compaction, creating stronger root systems and a healthy lawn overall. Root and soil health can help prevent weeds from breaking through and choking out your grass. A healthy lawn acts as a natural defense against new weed growth. 

Common Types of Weeds in Florida Lawns 

To effectively control weeds, it’s important to know what you’re dealing with. Each type of weed may need a different approach to weed control because some weeds can’t be prevented. Some weeds are also easier to tackle at different times of the year, so it’s beneficial to understand how different types of weeds grow to effectively get rid of them.  

Here are some common Florida weeds:  

  • Dollarweed: A broadleaf weed common in areas with moisture or poor drainage. Avoid overwatering your lawn to limit dollarweed.  
  • Crabgrass: A summer grassy weed that can be prevented with spring pre-emergents. Apply them in early to late spring for the best control through the summer.  
  • Common Chickweed: A common winter annual weed that can be prevented with fall pre-emergents. It will stick around in your lawn during spring and can be targeted with post-emergent weed killer.  
  • Dandelion: A common weed that we all know and love from childhood – dandelion can’t be prevented with pre-emergents and spreads easily from seedheads that blow in the wind. It can be targeted with weed control throughout spring.  
  • Spurge: One of the most common Florida weeds, spurge is a broadleaf summer annual weed and can be prevented with winter and spring pre-emergent applications.  
  • Florida Pusley: Another common summer annual broadleaf weed in Florida lawns. It can be spotted by its tiny white flowers and should be prevented with early spring weed prevention. 

Professional Lawn Care and Pest Control in Miami, Florida  

If you’re looking for reliable help with weed control and lawn care in Miami, turn to One Two Tree. Our professional team offers comprehensive lawn care services, including weed control, lawn fertilization, and pest control in Miami. Say goodbye to pesky weeds and hello to a beautiful, healthy lawn with One Two Tree by your side. We also offer tree services including tree trimming, removal, and stump grinding. Contact us today for a free quote to get your Florida lawn ready for summer in the Sunshine State! 

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