Tree Trimming Cost: The Ultimate Price Guide to Tree Trimming in Miami

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That tree in the front yard was beautiful when you first moved into your house… now it looks more like a disaster waiting to happen.  

But don’t give up on it yet!

You can turn that potential hazard back into the centerpiece of your property with a simple tree trimming. And before you start stressing over the money, the job doesn’t cost as much as you might think. 

We’ve put together this guide to show you the average tree trimming cost in Miami (and why you should never try trimming your tree by yourself) so you can plan your budget. Make sure you keep reading below for some helpful tips! 

Why DIY Tree Trimming Can Be More Expensive Than Hiring a Professional 

If you’re working with a tight budget, you might decide to trim your tree yourself to save some money. While this is a good idea, in theory, it doesn’t always work this way. Trying to trim your tree on your own can often cost more money than simply hiring a professional at the start. 

Here are a few reasons why. 

First of all, you need the proper tools. If you don’t already have them, you’ll need to go out and buy them, which can be somewhat expensive. When you hire a professional tree trimming service, they bring all the tools themselves, so you won’t have to worry about this extra expense. 

Trimming trees by yourself can also be dangerous. Trying to balance on a ladder or climb into the tree itself while handling a saw is an easy way to hurt yourself. A bad cut or even a fall could land you in the hospital, and that bill will be much higher than the cost of a tree trimming company. 

Even if you feel secure in your trimming technique, it’s difficult to know where the branches are going to fall once you cut them. If a heavy branch falls on your car, your home, or any of your other belongings, you’ll have some hefty repair expenses on your hands. 

On top of all that, trimming your tree by yourself can take time away from other responsibilities or hobbies. It might be worth spending a bit of extra money on a professional tree trimming company so you can spend a weekend with your children, your partner, or doing things you love. 

In most cases, it’s almost always better to hire a professional team instead of trying to DIY tree trimming.

Average Cost of Tree Trimming in Miami

When it comes to tree trimming, every company sets its own rates. Because of this, it can be difficult to put an exact price tag on the job. That said, on average, you can expect to pay anywhere between $300 to $700 for tree trimming services. 

Now, you might be thinking, “That’s quite a large price range.” While that’s true, it’s because there are many different factors that can impact the final cost of the service. You should always ask a tree trimming company if their rates will change based on the following things before you give them any money. 

Number of Trees

This one’s pretty straightforward: the more trees you need to trim, the more you’ll have to pay. When you’re getting a quote, make sure you let them know how many trees you need to have trimmed so you get an accurate estimation.

Size of the Tree

Is your tree tall or large with a lot of branches? It will take the company longer to trim this type of tree, so you will likely end up spending more money on big trees. This is especially true if they go by tree trimming cost per hour.

Tree Health

If your tree is dead or has some type of disease, it might be unstable. This makes it more dangerous to trim (or remove), so the tree trimming company might charge more for their service.


Certain tree pests can also put trimmers at a higher risk of injury. At the very least, pests often make the job more difficult. Don’t be surprised if you have to pay more when the company realizes the tree has pets (even if the pests are something small like ants).

Stump Removal

If you’re planning to remove a tree altogether, you might have to pay extra for the stump. Getting rid of the stump often requires different tools, so the company may add an extra fee to this step.

Ease of Access

Is your tree in an area that is easy to access? If so, the tree trimmers will likely use a bucket truck to reach the high branches.

However, if your tree is in a hard-to-reach spot, they might have to climb the tree and remove branches while inside it. Since this is more difficult and dangerous, the cost of the job will go up.

Budgeting Your Tree Trimming Cost in Miami

If you’re wondering how much your tree trimming cost will be in Miami, make sure you consider these factors to put together a rough budget. Then bring these up with the tree trimming company to get a more accurate estimation as the job gets closer. 

Not sure where to find tree trimming services in your area?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at One Two Tree! We will help you trim or remove your tree so you and your property stay safe and maintained!

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