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When it comes to the aesthetics of a home, carbon absorption, and providing habitat for songbirds, trees are worth more alive than they are cut down. However, there are a lot of reasons to take down a tree. At One Two Tree, we take care of both our clients and the environment with the unsurpassed tree removal service Miami property owners have come to trust.

Reasons to get professional tree removal service in Miami:

  • The tree poses risk to personnel and property 
  • It has become an eyesore
  • It is dead or dying
  • Its roots are damaging pipes, sidewalks, driveways, foundations, etc. 
  • It is hosting pests
  • Growth is interfering with cables or wires
  • It is growing over driveways and making transportation difficult
  • It poses some other fire threat

The Benefits of Working With a Professional Tree Removal Service

When you work with professional tree removal experts at On Two Tree, you will have the peace of mind knowing that we know exactly what we are doing and have contingency plans for every foreseeable problem. Professional tree removal companies can tackle all types of projects and help to safeguard your home and landscape.

Professional maintenance and removal can be a sustainable practice that enhances your home’s curb appeal and protects your property. That clearing, of course, is best done by a knowledgeable tree surgeon.

Improving the Safety of Your Home or Business

Did you know that more than 100 people die from tree-related accidents every year in the US? Dead trees that are too close to your home are a safety hazard. Your family may be at risk of injuries from the fall of old and damaged trees or branches. Even healthy plants in the wrong place can pose a risk, given Mother Nature’s tendency to sweep through Miami in her mighty storms and rains. The biggest risk of all, however, comes when people take it upon themselves to grab an ax or chain saw and fix these problems themselves. Don’t put yourself or your family at risk. One Two Tree’s experts can assess your situation and decide the best course of action.

Guaranteeing Safe Removal of Trees

Anybody can cut down pine or palm trees. Not everybody with an ax or chain saw can ensure that cutting down your trees won’t create additional problems along the way. There are inherent risks in this task for the person doing the work, persons nearby, structures and landscaping. Safety starts with the gear you have at hand. It goes on to involve the expertise and experience that you bring to the job. The right tree removers will reduce the risk of the tree falling on your home, your car, or a family member. 

One Two Tree Guarantees you Safe Tree Removal – Here is How:

  • We use the right protective gear including helmets and PPE gloves
  • We tape off our work area so that everybody can know not to get too close
  • It’s a team effort— together we work like a well-oiled machine with each member playing their role for a safe and efficient removal 
  • We take precautions when working near power lines 
  • We carry out a pre-work inspection to determine the right removal strategy 

Enhancing Your Landscaping

By using a Tree Removal Service, Miami homes can realize their landscaping goals easier.

Landscaping best practices stipulate that all plants should be located far enough from the house to prevent the hazards and risks mentioned earlier. Tree maintenance and removal will be your only option for safety if for some reason a tree is sitting dangerously close to your house.

Another landscaping best practice is to remove dead trees within timber range (if the distance from the base of the trunk to the structure is smaller than the height of the tree) of your home or business. This is a practice that could save you hefty hospital bills and liability claims. A dead tree always eventually falls. However, with a professional arborist, you minimize risks to yourself, your family, and your property.

Taking out a tree the right way creates an improved curb appeal for your property. Once the eyesore that is the dead and damaged tree is gone, your home stands out more beautifully. Healthy plants that remain behind also get a chance to thrive uninhibitedly with space and sunlight. 

Thorough Inspections

At One Two Tree, we are well equipped to carry out thorough tree inspections regarding the health, safety hazards, and risk of the tree to your utilities, including power lines and outdoor plumbing. Among the tree damage indicators that we look for the following:

  • dead branches
  • discolored leaves
  • hollowed trunks
  • advanced decay
  • fungal activity
  • trees slanting at more than 15 degrees from vertical.


We can help with maintenance services, including pruning and trimming, to reduce the structural risks that plants pose to your building and persons. Our tree care services will also help to improve the health and aesthetic appeal of your landscaping.

However, if you ultimately want to do away with inconveniently located landscaping, we can remove it with surgical precision, causing zero damage to your property. At One Two Tree, our services are driven by well-trained experts. We are conscious of the dangers and common pitfalls in removing landscaping, and by leveraging our long-term experience and state-of-the-art equipment, we deliver incident-free tree removal in Miami.

Insured and Bonded!

As we have noted, cutting down a tree is not an endeavor without risks. They are heavy, towering objects, and when they are sitting too close to your home, mishaps can happen. At One Two Tree, we have the expertise and resources to deliver exceptional tree removal service in Miami, but sometimes accidents are just unavoidable. If that happens, we have you covered. 

We are insured and bonded tree removers in Miami. We practice remarkably safe SOPs when taking out a tree, but in the rare event of a freak accident, our insurance policy and bond covers for damages and injuries that may arise. You can rest easy knowing that if any job inadvertently damages your roof or causes injuries, it’s us who will foot the bill for repairs and medical treatments. You can ask for proof of insurance and bond certificates every time you work with us.

We save you time and money. 

On Two Tree is a Tree Removal Service Miami can count on.

Why bother with the intricacies of taking out a tree yourself, when you can have experts cut it down safely in no time? Think about the risks that are pertinent to this task, and the downtime that the activity could cost your business. DIY tree removal doesn’t cut it. You need a tree surgeon to do the work with dexterity to minimize the risk of damage to your property or injury to people. Then also, by accomplishing the task much faster, your business schedules can run uninterrupted. 

For dependable tree removal, we have modern tools and equipment that accelerate the speed and accuracy of the process. By doing this task in adherence to best practices and high safety standards, we guarantee that we will save you a ton load of money. 

Here is how we save you money at One Two Tree:

  • Our services are the most affordable in Miami; we offer discounts to our clients 
  • You will enjoy a free cleanup of the area after taking out landscaping, so you don’t incur any further costs 
  • We have proven and time-tested techniques for preventing damage to your property and landscape when removing a tree
  • Our insurer is ready to cover any damages that may occur in the process of arborist and tree removal service in Miami

Talk to Us!

Tell us your tree troubles, and we will swoop in to rescue you. Where safety, time, and money are a concern, One Two Tree has the answers. Contact us now for a matchless tree removal service in Miami.

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