The Dangers of Over-Fertilizing Your Lawn

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You may pride yourself on taking care of your lawn. You feel good doing it, and the lawn looks great after you take care of it.

But how do you really know how much and how often you need to fertilize your lawn?

In this guide, we will walk you through the details of lawn care fertilization and the dangers of overfertilizing it. 

How Much Should You Fertilize Your Yard?

To avoid over-fertilizing, you want to only fertilize about 5 to 6 times per year. The best kind of fertilizer is to leave the grass clippings on the grass after mowing. 

Hiring a lawn care service will ensure that you are fertilizing your lawn at the right intervals. You also won’t have to worry about doing it yourself and figuring out if it needs it since it will be left up to the professionals.

Recognizing an Overfertilized Lawn

To make sure you prevent anything else happening to your lawn or continuing to fertilize it, you want to make sure you know what an overfertilized lawn looks like.

For starters, if you notice that your lawn is burned or scorched, then you have likely overfertilized it.

If you don’t notice that, you may notice brown or yellow tips on the grass blades. This grass may also not be growing as you would like it to.

In addition to noticing these things, you may notice that the fertilizer itself is crystalizing on top of the soil rather than penetrating the dirt.

These are all signs of an overfertilized lawn.

Dangers of Overfertilizing Your Lawn

There are many reasons that you do not want to overfertilize your lawn. Here are a few.

Burned Yard

One of the most noticeable issues with overfertilizing your lawn is noticing a burned lawn. This isn’t the bigger problem, though, this is just what you see.

Poor Drainage

Organize fertilizer is meant to break down with the help of water to provide nutrients; however, if there is too much of it, the concentrations will suffocate the grass. This will make the water have a difficult time getting to your roots.

If the water just sits there and is unable to be absorbed, it will drown out the grass, or even worse, cause fungal diseases.

Too Quick of Growth

When you use a lot of fertilizer, you may notice that your grass grows quickly at first. However, that is not going to last forever. The grass grows faster than the roots, which creates problems with nutrients and hydration. 

Eventually, the growth will catch up to itself and will drastically slow down – or worse, stop altogether. 

Lawn Care Tips

With these lawn care tips, you can avoid overfertilizing your lawn and the dangers that come with it!

Even better, you can hire a professional lawn care service to do it all for you. At One Two Tree, we pride ourselves on providing the best lawn care services around. We’ll take the stress away from you and ensure that we do our best for your lawn!

Contact us today to have one of the most beautiful lawns in town.

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