Five Facts You Should Know About Sugar Ants

Red Imported Fire Ants
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Sugar ants or crazy ants can be commonly found in South Florida homes. Though not physically harmful, these small red ants are attracted to food and are best known for infesting pantries and cabinets or anywhere in your home that you may store food.

How do you identify sugar ants?

  • Their bodies are orange-brown with black heads (winged males are completely black)
  • They walk in a trail or line
  • They are most commonly found around food or places with high moisture (kitchens,
    bathrooms, etc.)

Here are five facts you should know about sugar ants as a South Florida homeowner.

They’re Nocturnal

Like most ants, sugar ants are nocturnal, meaning they sleep during the day and are active at night. Sugar ants tend to forage just before sunset and two hours after sunset. If caught during these periods, bait can be laid and used to kill off the rest of the colony.

They’re Nesters

Sugar ants are known to nest in small crevices and holes, making this species particularly difficult to eliminate. They are even known for targeting electrical wiring in homes due to their burrowing behavior.

They Prefer Warm & Humid Climates

Like most pests, sugar ants prefer warm and humid climates, making South Florida homes especially vulnerable year round. Since moisture poses a threat to their colony, sugar ants move indoor to higher ground and breed in the crevices of your home’s walls. They are specifically drawn to locations where food and sweets are stored.

They Bite But Don’t Sting

Sugar ants will bite humans or pets if they pose a threat to their colony. But don’t worry, they don’t sting unless a person is allergic to their bite. If you are bitten by a sugar ant and see signs of an allergic reaction, apply ice or antibiotic ointment to the affected area.

They’re Tough to Treat, So Trust the Sugar Ant Exterminators in South Florida

Due to their nesting behavior and resistance to standard insecticides, these ants need specialized control methods to eliminate them for good. That’s why we recommend hiring One Two Tree Pest Free to help eliminate and prevent sugar ant infestations in your home.

Our technicians are licensed, trained and educated in the identification/ treatment of ants, their nesting places and commonly traveled trails. Thoroughness and attention to detail is also something our technicians pride themselves on when providing a solution to your ant problem.

Call One Two Tree Pest Free today for a free customized pest prevention inspection.

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