Four Things You Didn’t Know About Cockroaches (But Probably Should)

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As a South Florida homeowner, it’s important to know the risks that cockroach infestations pose to your family and home. South Florida’s humid climate creates the ideal breeding ground for over four different species of cockroaches. Catching an infestation early or apply preventative measures can save you money and headaches in the future.

They Can Fit Into the Smallest Spaces

They Can Squeeze Through the Tiniest of Gaps Due to their exoskeletons, cockroaches can squeeze through gaps as small as a quarter of their body height by flattening their bodies and splaying their legs to the side. This allows them to enter buildings through small cracks causing major infestations that can be difficult to treat.

They’re Really Fast!

Roaches are quick. Their ability to run up to three miles in one hour allows them to infest homes quickly and efficiently. It also allows them to spread disease across a large area of your home sometimes despite traps or preventative measures. The combination of their dexterity plus their speed makes them quick breeders and infesters, especially in humid climates.

They Can Spread Roach Diseases & Trigger Asthma

Cockroaches can carry up to 33 kinds of bacteria, six different types of parasitic worms and seven known pathogens. They can even trigger asthma or other allergic reactions. As roaches crawl the surface of your home and food, their droppings and discarded exoskeletons attribute to disease spreading and allergic reactions that put your family at risk.

They’re Difficult to Kill, That’s Why You Hire the Pros

Certain cockroach species can go without air for 45 minutes, live for a month without food, and be submerged in water for up to a half an hour. They can even withstand radiation. That’s why roach infestations are almost impossible to eradicate without the help of a pest control professional. At One Two Tree Pest Control, we focus on eradicating roach infestations from the outside in. First creating a barrier of preventative measures outside your home, then moving inside and applying traps and bait into cracks, crevices and harborage areas where the cockroaches mingle and procreate. Call One Two Tree Pest Free today for a free customized pest prevention inspection and take the first step toward cockroach eradication.

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