Hurricane Preparedness: Tree Preparation and Debris Clean Up

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Each year, hurricanes cause about $34 billion in losses to homeowners. While hurricanes cannot be prevented, there are many ways that homeowners can prepare to help limit the damage to their homes.

Do you want to learn more about how to prepare your trees for hurricane season? Keep reading this article about why you should include tree preparation and debris clean up as part of your hurricane preparation.

Dangers Trees Pose During Hurricanes

When you have large, overgrown trees, these can cause many dangerous problems during a hurricane. 

First, strong winds may blow your trees down, especially if they have not had time to develop a strong root system. If this happens, it can completely destroy your roof or other parts of your home and may cost you thousands of dollars. 

Another common danger of trees during hurricanes is that broken limbs can be ripped from your tree. When these branches are dead, they are not as sturdy and will require less force to be removed from your tree. 

When you have branches or other tree limbs that have been ripped from your tree, they can turn into dangerous projectiles that can injure people and cause costly property damage. With the strong winds, these branches can be carried into the air and across your property. 

If your tree is blown down or if a branch becomes a projectile, this can also cause extreme damage to your power lines. If your trees are overgrown, the branches can get tangled in the power lines and may cause power outages.

Because trees can be so dangerous to others and to your property, it is vital that you do your part to prepare your trees for hurricane season.  

Understand The Safety Hazards

In the event of a hurricane, trees can lead to potential safety hazards for buildings and people.

Not only can they uproot when they do not have good root systems, but they can also damage power lines and more. When you identify each of these potential safety hazards, it is easier to recognize what you can do to stay safe in the event of a hurricane. 

First, it is important that you identify any trees with dead limbs and weak root systems. This way, you can get these trees removed to prevent branches and dead limbs from breaking off of the tree and damaging your home. 

You can also see if your trees are growing too close to your home or to powerlines. If they pose a potential threat, it may be best for a tree care company to remove these trees before hurricane season. 

If you need help properly preparing your trees for hurricane season, you may want to consider hiring a tree care company like One Two Tree. Our team proactively prepares your trees to help protect homes, families, and businesses. 

Whether you need help pruning your trees or removing fallen branches and other debris, a tree care company can help. They can also help you identify any other potential hazards that your trees may pose during a hurricane.

Tree Maintenance For Hurricane Preparation

Regular tree maintenance is a vital step for hurricane preparation. The most important tree service you can do for your trees is pruning. This will help your trees grow correctly so they can survive hurricanes. 

By pruning, you can train your trees to grow into a sturdy framework that will be able to support future growth and harsh weather. To be sure that your pruning is done correctly, it is best to hire a certified arborist to help prepare your trees for hurricane season. 

First, they will remove any dead branches from your tree. This will eliminate the risk that one branch or multiple branches will break off in a storm and fall on houses, people, or other property. 

It is also important to thin out the canopy of your tree. If you have a dense canopy, these can easily catch the wind and result in your tree getting blown over. By thinning out the branches in the canopy of your tree, it will allow the wind to pass through your tree branches rather than getting caught on them. 

Finally, your tree maintenance company will help with debris clean up. If you begin trimming trees and do not clean up the dead, trimmed branches, these can become dangerous projectiles in high wind. By getting them properly cleaned up, you will protect yourself, your property, and others. 

If you are a homeowner in South Florida, it is vital that you follow each of these tree maintenance practices to properly prepare your trees for hurricane season. By finding a certified arborist that you can trust, they will be able to keep your trees healthy and beautiful, even during hurricane season.

Get Help With Debris Clean up and Tree Services Today

Because overgrown or dead trees can cause so many problems during hurricanes, it is vital that you prepare your trees and take care of them to avoid unnecessary storm damage. By following each of these tips, you can prepare your yard and protect your home during hurricane season. 

Do you need help with debris clean up and tree trimming services? One Two Tree can help! Our team specializes in every aspect of tree removal and tree maintenance and can handle trees of any size. 

If you need help pruning your trees to prepare for hurricane season, contact our team today! Or, check out our website to get a free online quote.

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