How to Stop Silverfish From Taking Over Your Home

Silverfish in Miami are pest that harm lawns and trees.
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Have you ever seen a creepy looking white bug crawling around your home? You may have silverfish in your midst. Silverfish are small pests that are known for destroying papers (like books, newspapers, bills, etc.), clothing, and bedding. These tiny pests can turn into a big problem if not taken care of. Here are a few ways to stop silverfish from taking over your home.

Silverfish in Miami are pest that harm lawns and trees.Reduce Humidity to Help Stop Silverfish

Unfortunately for South Florida homeowners, most pests, like silverfish, love humidity. In fact, they thrive in it. If you want to stop silverfish, it’s time to invest in a good dehumidifier and pay attention to leaky pipes or any other places where moisture may be building your home.

Store Your Food Properly

Silverfish love dry goods. Make sure to seal up any food that may tempt them like cereal, grains, pasta, flour, sugar and pet food. The last thing you want is to find one of these creepy crawlers in your bowl of cereal one morning.

Clean Up Old Papers

If you start seeing silverfish in your home, it’s time to declutter. Silverfish seek refuge in books, magazines, and any papers you may have laying around. These pests are especially prone to hiding in papers that can be found in places with high humidity like attics or cabinets.

Stopping Silverfish: Trust The Experts

Living with silverfish can be frustrating (and off-putting). Save you and your family the stress of seeing these creepy crawlers around your home by trusting One Two Tree Pest Free to eliminate them for good.

One Two Tree Pest Free sets you up with a no-cost Customized Pest Prevention Plan that focuses on treatment from the outside of your home to the inside. This creates a barrier that blocks all pests from infesting your home. We will stop silverfish, roaches, sugar ants, and more. Contact One Two Tree Pest Free today for your Customized Pest Prevention Plan.

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