How to Find the Best Pest Control Services in Florida

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In the state of Florida, there are over 1,000 insects found in the Insect Identification database. While not all of them are pests, there are certainly quite a number of them that are. Plus, there are plenty of non-insect pests around, such as mice and rats.

If pests are a worry of yours, then you’ll want to find a good professional to help you take care of that issue. But with so many experts available, it can be difficult to narrow your choices.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to find the best pest control services in Florida so you get the best company around.

Consult With Your Family and Friends

This will only work if your family and friends are located in the same area you’re in. But if you do have a good social network in Florida, then use it to your advantage!

Chances are, they’ve also had issues with pests on their property and have already done their own research. They may have even used a pest control company or two, and they’ll be able to tell you if they were any good or not. Also, you can ask specific questions, which you won’t really get to do with other steps on this list.

Through this method, you can get probably get a few names of good pest control companies.

Do Your Own Research

Your social network is a great place to start, but you’ll want to dive deeper by doing your own research.

Simply type something like “home pest control services” into your search engine for more results than you can imagine. From there, you can select the ones that have the best overall reviews from their past customers.

You’ll want to do more research than that though. Check out each website and see what they have to say about their service offers, experience, and more. Also, take the time to see why customers rated them badly; even the best companies will have some bad reviews, so it’s worth checking them out.

If you don’t get a good feeling from looking at their website, then always go with your gut feeling. After all, there are plenty of others to choose from, so don’t feel like you have to go with one just because they seem perfect on paper.

What to Look for in a Pest Control Company

You now know how to find pest control companies, but how do you narrow your choices down? Here are a few things to look for.

License and Insurance

In the state of Florida, a pest control company must be licensed by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS). Not only that, but they should also have proper insurance coverage.

Both of the above ensure that the professional not only knows what they’re doing, but also, in case of accidents and emergencies, you’re not left footing the bill.

Years of Experience

Years of experience is something that’s invaluable. The more you’ve worked a job, the more knowledge you have. This applies to pest control companies too.

It’s best to choose one that has decades of experience if possible. This means that they’re so well-rounded in their service offerings and customer service that the local community has entrusted them with pest control services throughout the years.

Services Offered

You might find a terrific pest control company, but if they don’t perform the services you need, or if they don’t specialize in it, that’s of no use to you. You should gather this information when you’re browsing their sites. In most cases, they’ll clearly say if they specialize in certain services or not, such as lawn pest control service.

If you’re eco-conscious, then you’ll also want to find a company that specializes in environmentally-friendly solutions. That way, you can eliminate pests on your property without feeling guilty about it.

Speak With the Pest Control Companies Before Making a Decision

Once you have a shortlist of the potential companies you’ll work with, the last step before making a final decision is speaking to each one. Treat it as a mini-interview; use this opportunity to see how they treat their customers, how confident they are in their services, and more.

Again, a company can seem perfect on paper, but as soon as you speak with them, you might get a bad feeling from them. Maybe they seem rude and rushed, or maybe they don’t seem to really listen to your needs. You should only consider a professional that you feel 100% comfortable with after your call.

You should also use these chances to gather quotes. That way, you can get a feel for the pest control services cost in your area.

By gathering quotes, you can also see right away if any pest control company is trying to price gauge you. This should tell you right away that the business isn’t trustworthy and that you should stay far away from them.

Get the Best Pest Control Services Florida Has to Offer

Now you know how to find the best pest control services in Florida. With this knowledge, it should be clear to you that One Two Tree is exactly who you need for your pest problems.

Considering we have over 30 years of experience serving South Florida, plus we use eco-friendly pest control methods, this should have you sold on choosing us. Our top-notch customer service should also have you feeling great about working with us! Stop searching for “pest control services near me.” We at One Two Tree offers the best local pest control services, so get in touch with us now!

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