Coral Gables Exterminator Says, “You Won’t Be Back” to Insects and Rodents

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What makes One Two Tree the most reliable Coral Gables Exterminator? It’s really nothing more than our multifaceted approach to pest control and attention to detail. And when we say “You won’t be back” to pests, it means for life.” — The One Two Tree Team 

Dear homeowner: 

A Coral Gables Exterminator will carefully examine the exterior and interior of your home for pests.

Last weekend, you were in your living room, trying to find a good movie to relax with. You tried to turn on the TV, but nothing happened. As you walked around to inspect the problem, you noticed that your wires were chewed, your insulation damaged, and your wooden panels defaced. Sneaky little creatures that have been your invisible roommates all this time – rodents! We know how many websites you clicked searching for a reliable Coral Gables exterminator. We understand your frustration, and now we want to tell you why we are the best equipped to handle your pest problems. 

1. We understand the extensive damage that pests cause in your home.

The damage is not just material but can be health-impairing as well. Apart from your damaged wiring, insulation, and wood, there is the risk of viruses, salmonella, and nasty allergic reactions. 

We tailor our pest extermination services to address not only the damage that can be caused to your beautiful living room but everyday health risks as well. Our services cover a variety of pests from rats and rodents to roaches, beetles, fleas, spiders, and other insects. 

2. We have spent a long time studying pests’ movements, feeding, and breeding habits.

In Coral Gables when an exterminator treats for pests, it should be with products safe to humans.

We don’t go about setting traps blindly. Our work thrives on precision. We know where pests live in a home, and we know where they breed. We know how to exterminate them forever. 

You can expect us to begin work with an in-depth diagnosis. This helps us to discover the degree of infestation you are dealing with. It also helps us decide the best strategies to put a stop to your pest problems. What follows next is the use of advanced equipment and products to lure them out—and wipe them out.

3. We know that what worked for your neighbor’s home might not work for you.

We design different and personalized pest control strategies for each home. The process involves finding out the types of pests in your home, the factors that contribute to their breeding, and ways to effectively kill, remove, or transfer them to another habitat. 

It could be holes and cracks in your home that facilitate the growth of pest populations. Or maybe it’s that water damage problem that you didn’t even know is a haven for roaches, mosquitoes and other pesky creatures. These are just examples. Finding and addressing real issues can save you a great deal of money in the long run. That’s what we do. 

4. We know that you have had little success so far with the “silver bullet” solutions and products.

These products have turned out to be a money drain while damaging the air quality in your home and putting your family at risk of health complications. We understand, and as a forward-thinking Coral Gables exterminator, we bring better solutions. 

Your pest sprays and powders are a Band-Aid solution to the problems. What you need is a total system approach to pest control. A mix of biological and chemical control measures has always proven more effective than the use of any single method. Our strategy entails: 

  • Identification of pests types, development and life history 
  • Exterminating adults and finding their breeding grounds 
  • Removing their eggs and employing future prevention methods 
  • Monitoring effectiveness of the control strategy 

Our mixed approaches, attention to detail, and in-depth knowledge help to provide long term solutions to pest problems. When we say “You won’t be back” to pests, it means for life. 

5. Some insects are beneficial, but most pesticides are non-selective.

That is why you need us. Going about pest control on your own, especially when it comes to insects, can be challenging. But that’s not the only thing to worry about. Your ecosystem can get irreparably damaged from the use of certain pesticides. This Coral Gables exterminator won’t make that mistake. 

If you end up killing bees with your wasp or cockroach spray, for instance, you could start a domino effect that leads to unpollinated flowers, fruits, and other plants. On a broad scale, bees are essential to the world’s food supply. But let’s not even focus on the world right now. Let’s think closer to home; studies have shown that pesticides sprayed near food plants can cause cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and ADHD. Don’t risk it; let us apply our safe and carefully selected solutions. 

6. Some pests fight dirty, so you need an experienced Coral Gables exterminator on your side.

Pests found in Coral Gables can go into hibernation at times.

Some of the dirty tricks that pests, especially insects, bring to the game include going into hibernation as soon as you take out your spray bottle. Cockroaches hide for the longest time — researchers say they can live for one month without food. All that time, you will think you are free of them, and then like ghosts, they will spring back from the dead. 

Other insects, like fleas and mites, fight unfairly by laying hundreds of eggs in a day. So, if two, just two manage to survive your assault, you will be back to square zero. We know all these little tricks, and we have contingencies that include a combination of adult extermination, removal of eggs, follow up treatments, and monitoring. 

7. Safety is crucial during pest control.

We have measures in place to safeguard your family during the pest extermination activity. We understand the chemical ingredients in various pest control products. We know how to choose the right non-toxic products and minimize the danger to you and your family. We also leverage non-chemical devices that trap, kill, and repel pests. 

We hold a pest control license from the State of Florida and carry out our operations in line with Environmental Protection Agency requirements. We are all equipped with protective gear and trained on first aid response to injuries and accidents during pets control activities. In short, we are fully equipped to be the only Coral Gables exterminator you’ll need to call. 

8. We are not stingy on knowledge.

We empower you to take better care of your home. Some pest control experts waltz around your home, and in a manner of minutes, they are done, and then they leave. Even if the problem is solved, you won’t know what happened. You won’t know what caused it and the prevention measures you need to have in place for next time. 

That’s not us. We share our findings with you. We keep you in the loop on everything that we do in your home and the approaches that we take to exterminate the pests. By the time we leave your home, you will be an educated homeowner. You will have a grasp of all the causative factors and how you can remove them and prevent pests. 

10. You have our warranty for peace of mind.

As mentioned before, there is no silver bullet solution to pest removal. Pets hide, they migrate, they adapt and do all sorts of things that can help them survive even an apocalypse. For that reason, we won’t get tired of coming back and to your rescue. If you get an infestation after our first visit, we will come back at no charge. We will take care of the problem and help to safeguard your family and property. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are the most reliable Coral Gables exterminator. 

Sincerely Yours, 

The One Two Tree Team 

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