How to Get Rid of South Florida Ant Infestations

Red Imported Fire Ants
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With over a dozen types of Ants commonly found in South Florida, residential infestations are not only bound to happen but almost completely unavoidable. South Florida’s varying weather patterns make homeowners vulnerable to ant infestations year round. Depending on the type of ant, your home is susceptible to everything from food infestations to electrical damage. Ants can even harm you, your children and your pets. The biggest problem when it comes to ant control is their ability to find shelter in the toughest to reach, but possibly most sensitive areas in your home. How do you prevent ant infestations?

  • Eliminate natural bridges to the home (tree branches, shrubs or vines).
  • Have artificial bridges (wires/power cables) professionally treated to repel pests.
  • Weatherstrip or caulk any open areas on the building.

Prevention is easy, but what do you do if you’ve already fallen victim to an ant infestation in your home? You hire the professionals at One Two Tree Pest Free to eliminate these pests for good.

Why One Two Tree Pest Ant Removal Extermination

You may know One Two Tree as South Florida’s #1 lawn care and tree service company, but did you know that we also specialize in pest control? At One Two Tree Pest Free, we focus on eco-friendly pest control and elimination that protects your family from harmful chemicals and removes pests for good. Our service technicians approach pest control from the outside in, eliminating pests from the most vulnerable locations and preventing them from entering your home once more.

Our Ant Elimination Process

The first step of our ant control and elimination process is to identify the ant species that reside in or around your home and where they’re nesting. This allows us to determine the best method/type of product to be used to control the population. Our technicians are licensed, trained and educated in the identification/ treatment of ants. By applying thoroughness and attention to detail, our technicians can provide a elimination and prevention method unique to your home and situation.

Eco-Friendly Ant Control Solutions

Our arsenal of products also includes treatment options for environmentally sensitive people and pet-safe choices. Over-the-counter and do-it-yourself products are typically temporary, as they only kill or control the ants you see, can be dangerous to handle, and may not offer the best solution. Trust One Two Tree Pest Free to eliminate any ant or pest infestation your home may have fallen victim to. Call for a free customized pest prevention inspection today.

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