How to Get Rid of Roaches in South Florida

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Thanks to our humid climate, South Florida homeowners face cockroach control problems year round, especially in the warmer months. Rain and humidity cause roaches to breed and multiply at a fast rate, making your home vulnerable to infestation. Cockroaches aren’t only bothersome, they’re bad for your family’s health, spreading dangerous diseases like salmonella.

The best way to get rid of these pests is to hire a company that truly understands South Florida pests, One Two Tree Pest Free.

Step 1: Hire a Pest Company that Looks Out for Your Family

At One Two Tree Pest Free, we pride ourselves at always putting families first. That’s why we take an eco-friendly approach to pest control, keeping you and your family safe from harmful chemicals and safely eliminating any pests that might reside outside or inside your home.

Step 2: Get a Free Customized Pest Prevention Plan

We offer free customized pest prevention inspections. During your inspection, a service technician will note conducive conditions and areas where cockroaches could harbor, and provide recommendations for prevention. Your service technician will how to “think like a roach,” and therefore can develop a customized prevention plan to help rid your home of cockroach breeding zones – safely and effectively.

Step 3: Focus on Exterior & Interior Elimination

Our prevention plans work from the outside in by focusing on exterior elimination first and then moving to interior elimination. In South Florida, pests come from the outside. That’s why One Two Tree Pest Free treats the exterior perimeter of your home every 60 days using the latest non-repellent, cockroach- targeted chemistry that is effective in controlling cockroaches and is environmentally smart.

This creates an invisible barrier that keeps pests out for good. The next step is treating the interior of your home by applying bait to cracks, crevices and harborage areas where the cockroaches mingle and pass the insecticide from one to the next. By coming into your home only twice a year, we can successfully eliminate existing cockroach populations and protect your family and home against new cockroach infestations.

Get Rid of Cockroaches in South Florida Today

If you’re suffering from cockroach infestation or any other pest problems, call One Two Tree Pest Free to schedule your free pest prevention inspection today.

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