How to Spot and Control Brown Patch Fungus

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Nothing is quite as inviting as a perfect green lawn. During the summer, it’s the perfect location for hanging out with family, cooking outside, or just getting some sun.

You probably worked hard to get your lawn to such a pristine condition, and now it’s got twice the curb appeal it did before. But brown patch fungus can creep its way into your lawn overnight.

Patches of yellowing grass are a harrowing sign but don’t give up yet. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to prevent and fight off brown patch fungus.

1. Getting Rid of Brown Patch Fungus

While you can’t control the air or humidity in your yard, there are steps you can take to eradicate the fungus from your yard. Most of the tactics for getting rid of brown patch fungus are preventative tactics that you can carry into your lawn care routine.

2. Be Mindful of Fertilizer

Avoid using fertilizers that contain nitrogen during the summer months, since nitrogen can accelerate how the fungus spreads. During parts of the year when nights are hot and humid, avoid fertilizing your lawn at all.

3. Water Early In the Day

The earlier in the day you water your grass, the more time your lawn has to soak up the water. If your lawn is still wet by the time it gets dark, you watered it too much. Fungus loves moisture. A good rule is if your grass is covered in dew in the morning, you can skip watering that day.

4. Keep Your Lawn Mowed

It’s tempting to skip a week of lawn mowing, especially in the summer when the grass seems to never stop growing. But, don’t skip a week. By keeping your grass trimmed to its proper length, you help avoid fungus growth. Avoid over trimming your grass, because lower grass is at more risk of infection. 

Use Trusted Lawn Care Experts

Working with trusted lawn care experts will help you to avoid brown patch fungus and maintain a prized lawn.

We experienced with all types of lawns, grasses, and fungus. If you’re dealing with a brown patch fungus, we’d be happy to help!

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