6 Signs You Have a Cockroach Infestation (and What to Do About It!)

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Is any member of your family vomiting, sneezing, or experiencing nausea? You should immediately check your house for cockroach infestation since this may be the cause.

For the one last year, about 14 million housing units in the U.S. have reported seeing cockroaches in their homes. Cockroaches will fill your house with droppings and bad smells, causing allergies and other health issues.

You should know the signs of a cockroach infestation for several reasons. First, it will be easier to eliminate them in time and keep your family safe. You will also protect your electronic appliances, furniture, and clothes from possible damages caused by these pests.

Here are the six signs you have a cockroach infestation.

1. Unpleasant Smell

A musty odor in the house is the first sign of cockroach infestation. The more the cockroaches, the more serious the odor and the damage.

The bad smell comes from cockroach droppings and the chemical scent released by them when communicating. There are many species of cockroaches, and their odors may vary at times.

The bad smell from cockroaches can fill the room and affect the taste of the food. The smell will also affect your indoor air quality and probably cause breathing problems for you and your family.

There are several things you should do immediately you detect roaches in your house. Clean your home to get rid of all the dead cockroaches and droppings that may be causing the odor. It would help if you opened your house’s windows and doors to allow fresh air to enter.

2. Cockroach Egg Casings

Cockroaches breed very fast because of their short lifespans. When you start seeing their egg casings in your house, you should consider suitable control measures.

You should check locations like under the bed, under the couches, and spaces between the books since the roaches hide there.

The cockroach egg casings’ unique features will help you know whether or not your home is infested with these pests. The egg casings have oval shapes and are also long. These casings also have a brown color and can hold many cockroach eggs at a time.

Think of effective pest control solutions once you detect this sign of a cockroach infestation in your home. With expert pest management services, it will be easier to get rid of cockroach egg casings in other hidden locations of your home.

3. Droppings

Like other pests, cockroaches also leave droppings where they infest. The droppings are small, which may hinder you from knowing when your home is infested with these pests.

The differences in their species make the droppings have different sizes and colors. Some cockroaches have droppings similar to pepper or coffee grounds, while others look like rice grains.

Although you may find cockroach droppings on the floor, you should also check them in hidden places like in the cabinet or at the corner of your floor.

Cockroach droppings will decline the aesthetic appeal of your home. They will also cost you more on hiring home’s cleaning services.

The first thing to do whenever you detect this sign is to hire professional cockroach pest control services. The experts will spray and kill the cockroaches to prevent them from adding more droppings to your house. It would be best to get rid of all the droppings by thoroughly cleaning every part of your house.

4. Allergy Symptoms

Other common cockroach infestation signs you should not ignore are allergy symptoms. They come in the form of breath shortness, sneezes, coughing, and nausea. Cockroaches produce allergens that cause other serious respiratory problems like asthma to human beings.

The allergens mainly concentrate on the droppings and the outer parts of the cockroaches’ bodies. Contact with the roaches or even their droppings will expose you to these symptoms and probably cause more severe health problems.

After detecting this sign of cockroach infestation, a lack of immediate action will cost you more cash on medical treatments.

The first thing to do when you detect this sign is to hire the right pest control technician. The right cockroach control experts have the expertise to get rid of these pests and advise you on the best medical attention to seek.

5. Seeing Cockroaches

You may see one cockroach and think that you are safe. When you spot one live cockroach, there is a likelihood that more cockroaches are hiding in other parts of your home.

Cockroaches will easily be seen at night since they hide during the day. If there are overcrowded in your house, you will also see a few of them running around during the day.

Live cockroaches in your house will be a source of embarrassment whenever your friends come to visit you.

If you see a cockroach from your neighbor’s place, you should not hesitate to check your home.

The first thing you need to do after detecting this sign is to store your food safely. It would be best to spray your place with the right pesticides to kill all the live roaches.

6. Property Damage

When was the last time you checked your sound system, television, and other electric appliances? Cockroaches get inside these appliances and corrode the wires with their fecal matter, subjecting the owners to high repair costs.

When they infest your place for a long time, they may cause more damage to other items like furniture and stationery in your house.

Any damage to your property by cockroaches will decline the whole value of your home in the long run.

You can either hire a professional to eliminate these pests or spray your place and clean it to remove trash and other things that attract the roaches.

Avoid Cockroach Infestation Today

Cockroaches in your home will expose you to health issues, cost you more cash on treatment, and damage your property’s curb appeal and value.

Knowing these signs of cockroach infestation will enable you to take proper pest control measures in time.

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