5 Reasons Why Tree Removal Is Better Left to the Professionals

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When it’s time to get rid of that tree in your yard, it’s tempting to try to DIY.

However, DIY tree removal services can do more damage than good, causing you to lose more money and pay more costs.

But is hiring a professional service really worth it? What’s the difference between an amateur job and an expert one?

There are more benefits to hiring a professional than you might think. In fact, these benefits may even cut time and costs.

Keep reading for five reasons why tree removal is better left to the professionals, and we’ll get you away from that chainsaw catalog in no time.

1. Possible Property Damage

Without proper training, there’s a lot of room for collateral damage. After all, there’s a lot more that goes into a tree removal than waiting for the blade to cut through the trunk.

A professional tree removal service takes many complicated factors into account. They predict where the tree’s parts may fall by understanding their weight, height, and positioning on the tree. Doing so can help them prepare for falling tree parts that could otherwise wreck anything beneath them.

On the other hand, DIY tree removal may result in a lack of proper preparation. Without proper calculation, large tree branches can fall and crush fences, perhaps even denting your roof if the tree’s close enough. For most circumstances, DIY tree removal creates more problems than it solves.

Don’t hesitate to call a professional when it’s time for your tree to go. Choosing the right kind of service can make a huge difference to the state of your property after the job.

2. Danger to Yourself

Though a tree removal may seem simple, there’s a lot of room for error. An error can result in multiple health and safety hazards, all of which can result in serious injury.

Tools such as axes and chainsaws feel unnatural and heavy in untrained hands. Without proper training, using such heavy-duty equipment can feel too heavy to control, which is dangerous for tools so effective at cutting things. 

Once again, a novice’s miscalculation during a tree removal can cause a lot of damage. But although property damage is also a serious matter, bodily damage is even more severe.

3. Waste Disposal

Even if you’ve successfully performed a tree removal service, there’s a lot more work to be done. More specifically, whatever’s chopped down must be disposed of. You’ll also need to conduct a tree stump removal, which is a complicated task requiring knowledge that’s even more specialized.

You may need to chop these dead tree parts down to accommodate whatever vessel you want to transport them in. Not only is this a hassle, but there’s no telling what other pests and insects have claimed a habitat in your tree. Especially if your tree is dead, rotting, or diseased.

It’s also almost entirely unviable for novices to attempt a tree stump removal. No amount of online research can replace the training needed to know how to remove a tree stump. It’s a very specialized process and requires those doing the job to have intricate knowledge of 1) how to do the job and 2) trees’ growth patterns and their root systems.

So if you’re considering tree removal, let a professional do the entire job. You’ll need them to finish it anyway with a tree stump removal. Additionally, you won’t have to host so many insects in your car if you were going to use it to transport tree waste.

4. Financial Savings

Though an “in-house” tree removal service may seem cheaper, hiring a professional is of much better value. Their services surpass whatever you could perform at the moment, and prevents you from incurring unnecessary costs.

Otherwise, you may have to rent DIY tree removal tools that you may not even know how to use. You’re liable for property damage that occurs from the job, whether that be to your neighbors’ or your own home. So not only are you most likely going to cause damage, but you’ll definitely have to pay for it if (and when) you do.

Hiring a qualified and insured professional is an investment. There are too many things that can go wrong during a DIY tree removal service to make it financially worth it.

5. Power Lines

Big trees can cause many hazards, some of which extend beyond your property. In fact, having a tree that’s too big could spell disaster if it actually comes into contact with power lines.

Experts have specific protocols they follow for situations like these and are better equipped to prepare for them. They’ll also understand what safety measures to implement for the safety of their workers, thus preventing damage and injury from occurring on your property.

Let an Expert Do Your Tree Removal for You!

When it’s time to perform a tree removal, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. After all, they did go through extensive training and licensing to do a better job than you could. If you’re looking for a safe, swift, and effective job, then you’re far better off with an expert than with your own skills.

At One Two Tree, we understand how your tree’s health affects every part of your property. That’s why we offer fantastic tree removal services in Miami, FL. When you’re ready to leave it to the professionals, give us a call and make an appointment!

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