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One Two Tree has a no tolerance policy on weeds, wanting them controlled and done with on any type of lawn. Our control program utilizes two steps to keep weeds under control: selective herbicides to wipe out any current weed populations, and fertilization to keep the lawn healthy enough to prevent any future weed germination.

Weed Control Methods

Outside of the usually backbreaking labor involving pulling, options to remove weeds include re-sodding and chemical treatments meant to slowly kill weeds while putting your healthy grass in harm’s way.


The number one method known to clear and prevent weeds, mulch provides a dense covering that allows plants to breath but deprives weeds of sunlight.

Weed Mat:

Commercially available in plant nurseries, this material serves to keep plants safe by depriving weeds of sunlight, killing them off before they can grow into the soil.


For before and after the weeds sprout on your turf, these chemicals are specifically formulated to target weeds. Available in liquid spray form, they can be applied to fry weeds and their root systems.

Groundcover Plants:

A natural method of preventing weeds, choking weeds stopping them from even growing into the soil. Also prevents sunlight from reaching weed growths, preventing them from sprouting & spreading.

Weeding Out the Problem

What are weeds, and why are they invading our lawns here in South Florida?

Well, weeds are plants that can grow on areas of turf that can either be an out of place nuisance or a danger to the general health of a lawn. In Miami, there are invasive species of plants on lawns that sap nutrients from the soil, choke root systems, and often kill off parts of the lawn.

What is Causing This Invasion?

A number of factors could be the cause of these pesky plant species appearing to mess up your perfectly kept lawn. In Miami, heavy rains, lack of nutrients and improperly trimmed turf can lead to a spread of local weed species around your property.

Certain species of weeds can affect high-end sports lawns, such as zoysiagrass and bermudagrass, killing or damaging them by choking their root systems, stealing nutrients, or progressively invading turf.

Why Professional Lawn Care?

One Two Tree has specialized assessment and herbicide regiments to rid your property of pesky invasive species of weed. Our dedicated staff works with a regiment of herbicides that
specifically target weeds on your property to control the population. This, in conjunction with their fertilization program prevents weeds from germinating and sprouting around well-trimmed lawns. This service also provides 30 day reapplications of fertilizer and insecticide based on necessity.

For specific information on species of weeds present in South Florida, visit the Common Weeds in Florida page.

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