Wasps in Florida can be aggressive and a major nuisance.

One Two Tree Removes Wasps in Florida

At One Two Tree, we know the threat that wasps in Florida can bring with them when they decide to start nesting around your property.

Wasps, also known as yellowjackets, can make your home a dangerous place to be due to their aggressive defensive nature and ability to sting.

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Pest Control

The Problem with Wasps in Florida

Wasps can be seen as both a curse and a blessing on the natural greenery of Miami, due to their ability to eradicate invasive pest species. However, if their colonies are too large, and their nests are way too close to human dwellings, they can be considered a problem. Their naturally aggressive state can be directed towards humans and pets with disastrous results.

Wasps can build large nests that are intrusive to human living conditions.
Wasp Infestations

Common Wasps in South Florida

Northern Paper Wasp

Scientific Name: Polistes fuscatus
A nominally available species of wasp that tends to stick around easily accessible areas due to their nesting habits. Their large paper nests can be found around property that has readily available wood, such as homes, barns, trees, and fences.

The Northern Paper Wasp builds paper-like nests outside in wooded areas.

Cicada Killer Wasp

Scientific Name: Sphecius speciosus
Unlike its cousin, this species of wasp is known for its solitary nature and hunting for its aptly named prey, cicadas. Adapted to aggressively hunt cicadas, they rarely sting humans, making them one of the more helpful species of wasps.

The Cicada Killer Wasp in Florida will rarely sting a human.

Tree Wasp

Scientific Name: Dolichovespula spp
As their name would imply, this species of wasp colonizes trees, but can also be found
underground and in dwellings. Though not as aggressive unless their nests are threatened, tree wasps are considered pests due to their tendency to nest in inconvenient places.

The Tree Wasp colonizes in trees and underground.
One Two Tree can exterminate nests of wasps in Florida with its proven techniques.
The One Two Tree Difference

Wasp Control

The subtropical climate of South Florida is perfect for wasps of all species, who enjoy the warmth and the large number of trees that they can create nests in. They can be beneficial as they provide a natural deterrent for pests that feast on the decorative shrubbery and plants around your home. However, as heavily defensive social insects, wasps in Florida can also be a nuisance.

Lay the Sting on Wasps

One Two Tree handles wasp infestations with careful assessments, colony exterminations, and when possible, nest removals.

Homeowners are encouraged to leave removal and insecticide treatment of wasps to professionals, as they can cause harm the unexperienced removal technician.

The One Two Tree Difference

South Florida Wasp Removal

Preventative Measures

Outside of sealing up any possible entryways, homeowners can prevent wasp colonies from moving in by covering up trash containers and removing any possible pest based food source. While not recommended, sealing up any entrances with impermeable material such as stone or mortar is considered a last resort.

Insecticide Treatments

Our team of specialists will use specialized insecticides to kill off any lingering colonies of wasps around the property. While we can exterminate, our main goal is to control the population and stop any wasps from stinging you and your family.

Nest Removal

If all else fails, our team of professionals will remove the nest from any sensitive area around your property. This is to prevent any collateral damage from the rest of your property, including wood rot, dry wall damage, and other household damage.

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"We are a repeat customer and use One Two Tree for tree trimming and pruning for all of our huge oak trees. They brought multiple crews that were able to complete the job within the day. We asked them to keep most of the canopy and just to thin out the branches to allow wind to go through. The crew was respectful, polite, and efficient. Rick is a professional operations manager and responds quickly via text or email. We will use One Two Tree again in the future. Thank you."

Julina Jensen

"I finally found a company with highly knowledgeable servicemen who have made a significant difference in my yard. My grass looks great and my shrubs and flowers are thriving. They are consistent, on time, and even stop by to check on my yard in between services. They frequently ask me if I have any questions or concerns, and they politely address them. I learned a lot from them and I highly recommend them."

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"Fantastic product, the mosquito service really works! And Jorge, our technician, is a pro. Helpful, thoughtful, and ready to come back if it rains! 5 stars!!!"

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"Very good experience every time I have dealt with One Two Tree. I use this company personally and for business (apartment rentals). Technicians and office personnel are very professional. I highly recommend them."

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"One Two Tree is the best in the business!! I've used them several times over the years for the removal of large trees as well as insect eradication. From the office staff to the crews out in the field, they are definitely on top of their game! Highly recommended!!"

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"Have you ever had a vendor or contractor you worked with that was so good that you were itching to recommend them whenever someone mentioned that line of work? Well, you are reading about one right now. Incredible professionalism and work ethic from top to bottom. Can’t recommend them enough."

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