Miami tree trimming services are best left to experts.

Miami Tree Trimming Service by One Two Tree

When it comes to South Florida or Miami tree trimming service or care, One Two Tree is the company you can trust. We understand the value and importance of trees in Miami. We offer our nationally certified arbor care to our customers who seek to improve the aesthetic value of their landscape.

Our foremen have 15 years of experience in tree care and maintenance, guaranteeing the quality of our work.

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Tree Trimming & Pruning

About Tree Trimming & Pruning

While the terms are used interchangeably, tree trimming and pruning are similar in nature but different in practice. Trimming is a practice meant to clear brush, excess branches and other bodies that interfere with the growth of a tree. Pruning is the targeted removal of diseased, damaged, dead, non-productive, structurally unsound, or otherwise unwanted tissue to keep the tree aesthetically pleasing.

In Miami, tree trimming service is a frequent need after high winds.
Tree Services

Tree Trimming

Shaping and maintaining a tree can be a complex, time-consuming process. But with the tree trimming experts on our Green Team, the job will be as easy as One Two Tree. Our arbor based experts understand the importance of huge factors in determining the potential hazard of your tree, such as root evaluation and tree placement. This enhances the appearance of your tree, providing aesthetic complements in the form of well-maintained and beautifully shaped trees.

Tree size would be modified, allowing you to balance trees out with other plants to get the visual effect for your property. It also cleans up a tree by removing unsightly branches. Not only would your property be beautiful, but trimmed trees would also give you a sense of privacy.

The practical benefit of tree trimming is safety. Precarious branches can be pruned so they will not fall on the property or any unsuspecting passersby.

This is most important if these trees are planted in public places or those where many people pass by, such as streets, driveways and public buildings. Visibility could also be compromised, like obscured traffic lights, if trees are not trimmed.

However, South Florida or Miami tree trimming service must be done with full regard for the needs of each specific tree. Improper trimming will not only damage the tree but shorten its life.

Likewise, it is important to know when to trim your tree. Small branches may be trimmed any time of the year but heavy pruning should be properly planned and, if possible, an arborist consulted.

In Miami, trees need trimming service often due to the high rate of growth.
Tree Services

Why Is Trimming Important?

Tree trimming is the practice of cutting and shaping a tree to retain its shape. Properly trimmed and maintained trees are essential for the health and beautification of personal property.

Our trained Miami tree trimming service experts work to reduce the risk of property damage in the event of a storm. We encourage all of our customers to evaluate their trees and determine how long it has been since they were thinned out or properly trimmed.

In terms of preventing damage to your home, it is critical to take precautionary steps to minimize or eliminate any source of danger to your property. It is crucial that everybody properly maintains and trims their trees prior to hurricane season.

Tree Services

Common Tree Problems

Careful trimming and pruning can prevent problems for trees, especially with the subtropical climate in Florida. Both natural and ornamental trees experience problems related to the weather or improper care, but for more information, visit the Common Tree Problem page below.

We provide tree trimming service, Miami and much of South Florida, to keep your trees healthy.
Tree trimming or pruning is a service best left to a professional due to risks involved.
Tree Services

Tree Pruning

Pruning is defined as the horticultural practice of removing the different parts of the tree, such as branches, buds, and roots meant to help the tree grow healthier, and keep their shape as they mature. It is typically used to ensure the proper growth of young trees and keep mature trees from being overburdened and at risk to homeowners.

Structurally, young trees are pruned to increase support and to dictate the shape they would later take upon maturity. It is imperative that trees be trimmed while young to limit the difficulties in directing their shape. Mature trees are not so pliant and will give trouble to arborists trying to fix their growth patterns.

  • Deadwood removal
  • Shaping (by controlling or directing growth)
  • Improving or maintaining health
  • Preparing for transplanting
  • Increasing the yield or quality of flowers and fruits
Tree Services

Trust the Pros

From us here at One Two Tree, we advise that homeowners call a professional when it comes to trimming the trees on their property.

Whether it be a simple overhanging branch to clean up after a storm or an overgrown tree, it is better to call in the Green Team to deal with any problems.

The greatest risk can come from tree limbs that are touching or in close proximity of power lines, which can cause electrocution if the charge jumps from the wire to the branch. There are also cases where amateur trimmers can fall from their ladders or can be hurt by falling debris.

There is no need to take risks. Call One Two Tree for tree trimming services in Miami or any of our South Florida areas of service.

One Two Tree has trained professionals in Miami; tree trimming services are a specialty.

Miami! Get a Free Tree Trimming Service Quote — (305) 267-1426

Online Reviews

What Our Clients Say

"We are a repeat customer and use One Two Tree for tree trimming and pruning for all of our huge oak trees. They brought multiple crews that were able to complete the job within the day. We asked them to keep most of the canopy and just to thin out the branches to allow wind to go through. The crew was respectful, polite, and efficient. Rick is a professional operations manager and responds quickly via text or email. We will use One Two Tree again in the future. Thank you."

Julina Jensen

"I finally found a company with highly knowledgeable servicemen who have made a significant difference in my yard. My grass looks great and my shrubs and flowers are thriving. They are consistent, on time, and even stop by to check on my yard in between services. They frequently ask me if I have any questions or concerns, and they politely address them. I learned a lot from them and I highly recommend them."

Patricia Gage

"Fantastic product, the mosquito service really works! And Jorge, our technician, is a pro. Helpful, thoughtful, and ready to come back if it rains! 5 stars!!!"

Eduardo Bertran

"Very good experience every time I have dealt with One Two Tree. I use this company personally and for business (apartment rentals). Technicians and office personnel are very professional. I highly recommend them."

Keyla Quesada

"One Two Tree is the best in the business!! I've used them several times over the years for the removal of large trees as well as insect eradication. From the office staff to the crews out in the field, they are definitely on top of their game! Highly recommended!!"

Mike Vick

"Have you ever had a vendor or contractor you worked with that was so good that you were itching to recommend them whenever someone mentioned that line of work? Well, you are reading about one right now. Incredible professionalism and work ethic from top to bottom. Can’t recommend them enough."

John Falco

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