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Certain insects and mites, if not properly maintained, can weaken your trees and shrubs, making them unattractive and possibly causing them to die. PEST FREE can help reduce these problems and protect your plants’ health and beauty.

Insects and mites are probably the most noticeable pests affecting ornamental plants. They hurt not only the appearance, but also the health and vigor of plants. These pests can be subdivided into chewing insects, sucking insects and mites.

Chewing Insects

These insects feed by chewing the plant tissue. They can be further distinguished as leaf feeders, stem feeders and root feeders.

Leaf Feeders cause:

Defoliation – Leaves are totally consumed. Examples are: webworms, tent caterpillars and oleander caterpillars.
Notching – Insects that feed at the leaf edge. These are symptoms of the weevils, loopers & chaffers.
Skeletonization – Feeding on leaves occurs between leaf veins. Palm leaf skeletonization is an example of this damage.
Mining – Feeding on the inside of leaves creates tunnels, tracks or blotches. This is typical of most “leaf miner” insects affecting citrus.
Stem Feeders:

Boring – Destroy food and water conducting tissue, causing dieback and decline of the plant. These include the bamboo borer, click beetles, termites and bark beetles.
Root Feeders:

Chewing – These insects attack the plants roots, bringing on a general decline or the death of the plant. Examples are the black vine weevil, wire worm and grubs.
Sucking Insects and Mites

These pests feed by sucking sap from the plant. These can be subdivided into:

Leaf feeders – Leave no evidence of holes, but cause small spots, discoloration, leaf curling or leaf cupping and may cause leaves to drop. Examples are aphids, thrips, plant bugs, spider mites and scales.

Stem feeders – Also do not cause holes, but their feeding causes plant dieback, decline, leaf drop and death of the plant. Adelgid, Lobate Lac Scale and mealy bugs are examples.

PEST FREE Pest Management

In many cases where insects, mites or diseases are involved, a specific chemical control is needed to reduce the damage caused by these pests.

At PEST FREE our keys to managing pests are:

Correctly identify the pest
Applying the proper material at the correct rate
Correctly timing the application
PEST FREE maintains plants in a healthy condition through proper fertilization, disease and insect management programs. We also provide recommendations for proper irrigation and pruning to enhance the appearance of your trees and shrubs. Applications of pesticides are restricted to a minimum, using the safest and most effective materials available. We are concerned about your personal health and the environment.

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