Stump Grinding & Removal

One Two Tree’s stump removal program involves the safe removal of a stump that poses a problem to the property.

Safer Alternative

Easy to clean

Professionally Done

Why professional stump removal?

Our arbor expert, Rick Barocas and his team of trained foremen understand the proper procedures behind a stump removal, ensuring that you and your property remain safe in the process.

As professionals trained in proper tree care/maintenance, our Green Team can keep your lawn as clean and healthy as possible.

What is a Stump Removal?

› Removes debris after tree removal
› Keeps property healthy

› Reduces risk of disease

A stump removal occurs after a tree removal, where the leftover underground stump is removed from the property to reduce any further damage, chance of infection, and debris.

Stump removal is recommended after a tree is taken down.

Though in many cases, the stump itself can remain on the property without any problems.

But depending on the location, the circumstances of tree removal, the condition of the property and the intent to possibly replace a tree that has either died/been moved, the stump itself may need to be removed. Due to the possibility that the stump is diseased, riddled with insects or is a general eyesore, it must be removed to preserve the natural value of the property.

Stump Grinding


Safer Alternative

Easy to Clean

Professionally Done

One Two Tree offers stump grinding as a related service that often comes after tree removals. Due to the nature of tree removal, stump removal is often a necessary evil, but can often be deemed unsafe due to the presence of obstacles around the grounds of the property.

After our team of foremen assesses the property for dangers such as underground power lines, gas pipes, and irrigation pipes, we can confirm whether or not the skilled procedure can take place. Stump grinding is something that also takes substantial skill and training to accomplish.

The primary tool for the service is a stump grinder, which comes in a variety of sizes. In addition, there are several different approaches in how a stump can be removed. This method can vary based on the ground conditions, and how the area is left after that job is done.

We pride ourselves on our process of evaluating the stump site by coming up with a game plan to attack the stump, though this comes with a lot of concerns. There are several underground factors that go along with stump grinding, as in many cases there are hazards present, such as:

› Water Lines
› Irrigation/Sprinkler System Pipes
› Electrical/Gas Lines
› Telephone/ Data Cables

What is stump grinding? It is the controlled removel of a stump by using specialized cutting machinery.stup

Stump Removal Gone Wrong

  • Property Damage
  • Kills Property Value
  • Unprofessional Removal

Our company arborist and team often hear of the horror stories of poorly trained, unqualified “technicians” that are a dime a dozen in Miami, Typically with their own businesses. Often, these “professionals” are only equipped with basic tools such as a pickup truck and a chainsaw.

A bad stump removal can reduce a home's value.

The fact is that the tree business is fundamentally different from other businesses. In this case, someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing can do more damage to the property.

The reality is that stump removal should be left to the professionals, as trees are living organisms that require specific care. Certain things factor in when a professional is doing the job that separate them from lower priced alternatives.

Professionals clean the debris properly, leaving your home as clean and well kept as possible.

Instead of dealing with shoddy work and messy debris removal, leave the task up to the professionals.

Stump Removal by the experts at One Two Tree.

A tree dump is used to collect debris after a tree removal.

Consequences of

Inexperienced Tree Care

  • Low Cost = Low quality
  • Improper Debris Clean Up
  • Damaged Property
As One Two Tree’s Green Team, we have a professional stance on our stump removal and grinding. With our services, you get what you pay for in terms of property care.

An example of a poorly conducted tree removal.

While a low price can be a deal breaker for many homeowners, it should set off a red flag for the possible quality of the work done on your property. There is always a reason you should worry about what you pay for around your home and business.

Some businesses tend to cut corners on clean up after a stump removal, but we refuse to do that to our customers. The resulting debris can cause many problems due to the sheer amount and site removal costs. Many “professionals” that offer a low price may only dump the debris improperly, or leave it in a pile in front of the property.

While other services leave the homeowner to deal with the debris at a personal cost, we do not. Our stump removal service is executed by the experts at One Two Tree.

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