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Having trouble with rodents at home?

Rodents are some homeowners’ worst nightmare, with their ability to rapidly multiply, invade walls, and lack of hygiene. It’s no wonder that people are afraid of these furry, beady eyed pests.

At the rate they breed, rodents create a mess of their nests and can easily infest any room in your home with enough time.


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What are the negative health effects of rodents?

Despite their small size, beady eyed breed of pest. This is due to their heavy appetites, general lack of hygiene, and their tendency to carry disease causing pathogens such as Leptospirosis and Typhus that can cause food poisoning.

Types of diseases carried & spread by rats and rodents

Salmonellosis: A nasty infection caused by ingesting food or drinks contaminated by rat feces.

Leptospirosis: Contracted from bacteria in rodent urine, this infection can be caught by coming in contact with surfaces or consuming food or drinks that have been contaminated by rodent urine.

Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis (LCM): Spread by house mice, this viral agent can be contracted by breathing in dust contaminated by rodent waste.

Hantavirus: While not known to be spread by Norway Rats or Roof Rats, this infection can be contracted from breathing in rodent droppings, urine, or rotting carcasses.

Rat Bite Fever: A bacterial disease caused by coming in contact with rodent urine or mucus secretions, or through rodent bites form an infected animal.

Rabies: The feared , but preventable viral infection that can be spread by rats is also lethal without proper treatment, and can easily infect large populations of animals.

Indicators of rodent infestation






Noises in the walls (Squeaking, scratching, etc.)


Damaged or open food containers


Heavy smell of ammonia

Rodents like to invade homes with plenty of openings, like A/C vents, service conduits, and holes in the foundation of buildings. Both rats and mice appreciate a warm area where they can colonize, breed, and find many different sources of food.

An easy indicator that both rats and mice have been in an area for a long period of time is the smell. If an area is saturated with rodent droppings, it tends to look decayed, moist, and smell heavily of ammonia.

If there are large quantities of it found in a residence, it can be bad for human health, due to its toxicity, smell, and ability to cause damage when concentrated in a small area.

They also have a nasty habit of gnawing on a lot of things around homes, such as insulation, electrical wiring (which runs the risk of sparking a fire), and foundational materials..

Did you know…

Rats and mice only have 1 year life spans, but can breed multiple times within their lives? This is why a breeding pair can cause a population boom that fills a house with vermin.

Rodent Removal

Since this sort of pest problem runs a great risk to a homeowner, the best way to deal with an infestation of rodents is to use One Two Tree’s rodent control service. Our technicians specialize in rodent identification and control through the use of specialized baits and traps.

Different rodent control methods


Traps: Electric, Spring-Bar, or Glue


Poison: Edible Bait, Powder/Spray Varieties


Sealing of possible entryways


Properly sealing food sources


Specialized bait


Scientific Name: Rattus

Rats, which can be identified by their longer noses, longer incisor teeth, and relatively larger sizes. You know them as those messy, disease ridden vermin that trail urine around your home, gnaw on your valuables, and often just cause expensive structural damage.
They are the more common variety of household pests, and are the more feared and disliked of invasive rodent species. However in South Florida, there are two breeds you need to look out for:

South Florida’s Most Wanted Rats!

There are two types of Rats that are prevalent in South Florida, Roof Rats and Norway Rats. Roof rats are smaller than Norway Rats, but are heavier eats than their cousins.

Roof Rats

Scientific Name: Rattus Rattus

Also known as the black rat, this invasive rat species terrorizes houses with its constant search for food, and drives native rodent species out of their habitats through sheer numbers.

Ironically, they are also known to increase species diversity by driving native rats to other parts of the landscape.

Norway Rat

Scientific Name: Rattus Norwegicus

Also known as the brown rat, the Norway rat is the larger of these two species. Unlike its cousin, the Norway rat has been selectively bred for roles such as laboratory rats and pets.

They can usually be found around your cupboards if you stock cereal or oat products, a favored part of their diet.


Scientific Name: Mus

This variety of household pest can cause lasting structural and psychological damage to the home and its owner due to their constant presence on the property.

With their constant squeaking, scratching at the walls, and invasion of privacy, these filthy animals could possibly spread parasitic insects or make a nest out of your favorite possessions in an attic.

House Mouse

Scientific Name: Mus Musculus

This destructive variety of rodent is ironically the one with the most human social time, being used in both laboratory experiments and often domesticated as pets by humans.

Don’t let that fool you, this variety of mice feed on anything and everything that it can get its grubby little paws on.

Mouse Control

Mouse Traps

You’ve seen them around, the usual wooden board, clasp and spring that snap shut once a mouse goes for the bait. But there are other types, such as electric shock devices, glue traps,

Fun Fact:

Rabbits are not rodents. Even with their small sizes, comparatively large teeth and furry bodies. Rabbits belong to a different order of animal, and are even domesticated as household pets.

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