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Tree removal is a necessary step to keep a property and remaining trees safe from any problems. If there is a dead or dying tree on the property, its removal will bring health and safety benefits to the landscape. As a general rule, observing the health and condition of the trees is a priority, taking care to spot damage, insects, dead limbs, and mold spots.

Tree Care By The Book

Damage Indicators:
› Dead Limbs/Sprouts
› Fungal Growth
› Discolored leaves/branches

A good rule of thumb is to determine if the tree is at least 50% damaged, which risks the health of the tree and hastens its decline until it dies.

A good rule of thumb is to determine if the tree is at least 50% damaged, which risks the health of the tree and hastens its decline until it dies.

Even if the tree continues to live, the damage it absorbed will bring about abnormal growth and appearance, such as damage to the trunk, which indicates deterioration from the inside.

However, external damage is not the only indicator of an unhealthy tree. Abnormal signs include large, dead branches/sprouts and fungal growth, which is a sign of internal rot. A large number of branches on one side of a tree can render the tree imbalanced, and easy to topple.

Aesthetically, dead or dying trees are eyesores for any property owner. Unless the tree is necessary to the aesthetic value of the landscape, removing these trees will greatly add to the beauty of your property. Their absence will also give you more space to plant shrubs and flowers for a better looking lawn.

Why Is Tree Removal Necessary?

Reasons to Remove a Tree:
– Heavily Decayed
– Diseased
– Improper Placement

On the other hand, a live tree may be removed not only because of its inconvenient placement– as a tree’s growth can interfere with buildings, houses, and power lines. Gradually, certain aspects of buildings may be damaged if the tree is allowed to exist in a certain spot.

Sickly or large trees can crash down on roofs and walls in the event of a natural disaster. In this regard, leaning trees should already warn you of the potential dangers. Structures can also be weakened and crack by the pressure of burrowing tree roots.

Keeping Trees and their Owners Safe

Risks of Amateur Tree Removal:
– Heavy/Large Limbs
– Mechanical Issues
– Power lines

At One Two Tree, we understand the dangers that come with tree removal, and encourage our customers to avoid DIY attempts to remove trees from their property. It is inadvisable to attempt tree removal, as the process is a time-consuming, delicate and potentially hazardous task.

Removals should only be done by professionals who have both the expertise and experience to handle improperly placed trees.

Poorly placed trees can be a huge risk to properties, especially if they’re allowed to grow without proper maintenance. Power lines may become entangled in the branches of the tree and would be pulled down along with electric posts if the tree is toppled.

Tree removal is a necessity when problems cannot be fixed with trimming, or are beyond
mitigation. In general, it is best to remove the tree beforehand to avert hazardous situations, such as interference with construction or desired improvements on the property.

The process require mechanical instruments such as chainsaws, and cables for rigging and
bracing, which can be dangerous to operate without experience. The resulting large, heavy branches may prove to be too much for any homeowner without proper experience in their cleanup.

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