Pests and their Negative Effects

Pests are defined as any harmful, noxious or troublesome organism. Common pests include insects, mites, rodents, fungi and weeds that wreak havoc on people, plants, animals or the ecology in general.

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Pest Infestation

How Am I Affected By Pests?

Pests and their negative effects on people, pests are injurious to health. Pests can act as carriers for allergens which irritate people with sensitive medical conditions. Pest’s fecal dropping and shed skin can also become airborne, contaminating the air we breathe in.

This does not even include the bacteria that can be found on pests themselves. Common household pests such as cockroaches, rats and mosquitoes are carriers for infectious diseases and must be exterminated lest they overrun a household.

In particular, cockroaches can slip through any crack in the walls, bringing with them bacteria such as salmonella and E. coli. Rodents likewise carry salmonella on their bodies, leaving a trail of contamination on every surface.

Mosquitoes, on the other hand, carry dengue fever. As they breed in stagnant water, it is highly recommended that water containers be frequently used up and covered.

Pests can cause human illness.
Pest Infestation Risks

Food Sources Compromised

Not only one’s health that is affected.

Even our food sources are compromised by the airborne bacteria spread by pests, hence the need of tightly-sealing food containers. When one says pests, a common image would be crops ruined by the onslaught or rats, insects and weeds.

Another negative effect of pests is on agriculture in particular and the economy in general. Pests have caused losses in virtually an unlimited number of crops. A swarm of pests could ruin a whole season’s worth of planting and careful cultivation, leading to financial loss.

It comes as no surprise that pesticides and pest control management strategies are given much importance by farmers. However, this negative impact goes beyond agriculture.

Pests also affect plants and your lawn. Habitats that provide alternative hosts or preys may also harbor pests, thereby increasing the vulnerability of that habitat and the other organisms that live in it.

The ecology also suffers from the invasion of pests.pests affect plants. These pests directly prey on native fauna, decreasing or rendering extinct the number of their prey and upsetting the balance of ecology.

Pests also destroy the habitat of other organisms as well as natural resources, leading to reduction in water quality, increase in soil erosion and degradation of land, and destruction of native plants that provide food and shelter to native species or those endemic to the place.

Another way that these vermin can harm the ecology is through their competition with native animals for food and shelter. To a certain extent, pests can even poison native animals and pass on diseases, leading to the decline of certain animal and plant species.

The worst ecological scenario that can be imagined with regards to pests is the decreased number of native species, the degradation of their natural habitats and food, and their extinction. In general, it is of no doubt that pests are nuisances in their own right, and should not be taken lightly or else the havoc they wreak would be unprecedented.

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Pests can harm the local ecology.
Illness from contaminated mice dust can be harmful to humans.
Pests like cockroaches can leave germs and pathogens behind.

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