There are many do’s and don’ts that will improve the health, quality and appearance of your lawn, landscaping, trees and palms.

Some steps are simple and fall into a category of what a homeowner can and should do. Other steps are best left to experts that have the credentials, experience and tools of the trade.

When it comes to maintaining a healthy lawn and landscaping, the correct amount of water, the time of day the water is applied, proper nutrition and pest and disease protection are all critical components to success. Every homeowner should know how to operate their irrigation system and at least be able to change watering schedules for all seasons. Changing the volume of water and adjusting the area of coverage are most often handled by a professional. The application of nutrition and specialty products that control pest and disease have evolved tremendously in the last 10 years and are also best left to a certified technician. Even the application of fertilizer is newly governed by local ordinances.

Trees have many of the same basic needs as a lawn or landscaping plants, however, trees also have specialty needs that an arborist should be consulted for. A homeowner should pay attention to general appearance because a noticeable change can indicate a heath concern but in most cases, pruning techniques, especially for storm considerations, are better left to an experienced and trained Certified Arborist.

Palms are prevalent in, and synonymous with, South Florida. Only a small variety of palms are native to our area. The vast majority are not. South Florida soils are actually very deficient in several of the most important nutritional elements palms rely on for optimal health and therefore the proper fertilization (different from tree, lawn and plant needs) is critical to healthy and attractive palms. Additionally, over pruning of palms is sadly a common practice in South Florida and results in stressing or even killing your palms.

Lawns, landscaping plants, trees and palms can all deteriorate very quickly from improper care, basic healthcare neglect and cultural problems, and all take much, much longer to bounce back.

Quality advice is just a click or phone call away. Protect your “green” investment and it will come back to you in many satisfying ways!

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