Along side South Florida’s Local 10 News, One Two Tree lent a helping hand for a deserving family in a house make over in preparation of Hurricane Season 2014.

Jackie is the mother of 4-year-old Joshua a special needs child that requires around the clock care. In her situation having to worry about medical equipment to treat her son, we can only imagine the difficulties of having to prepare their home for this year’s hurricane season.

We at One Two Tree are truly honored to be able to make a difference for our fellow South Floridians.It was a humbling experience and we were touched by Jackie’s situation. She is the true hero and we felt it was the least we can do.

We would like to thank Local 10 News for allowing us to be a part of Hurricane House Call 2014 and look forward to many South Florida Community Efforts in the future.

The biggest challenge in this project was trimming a 65-foot tree behind the house.
As noted by Local 10’s MJ Acosta

Here is a picture of Local 10 News Reporter (MJ Acosta) high above in our bucket truck along with our certified trimmer getting a better look at the massive tree.

Tree trimming preventatively, in preparation for Hurricane Season is a much more cost effective way to deal with the issue than having to deal with the higher cost, inconvenience and aggravation of tree removal or clean-up and house, car and other damage after the fact.

Hurricane season is still a couple of months away but it’s never too early to start preparingAn important quote by MJ Acosta

To find out more about hurricane preparedness 2014 please read about our Tree Services or contact us.

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