One Two Tree’s “Pest Free” management team attended the FPMA 2013 Expo in Orlando. This is Florida’s largest gathering of Pest Management industry personnel. The Expo offers an excellent opportunity to update education and training, as well as, openly discuss industry trends, share ideas and gain valuable information. Along with owner Marc Terwilliger, Spray Division Manager Dusty Montiel and Sales and Account Manager Stephane Calixe were in attendance. Among many topics of interest were three items that our team is paying special attention to. The introduction of a newly identified termite, some hard evidence calling into question the industries fertilizer black-out period during the rainy season and the industries very serious campaign to deter the use of cell phones while driving. A presentation sponsored by insurance company representatives grabbed everyone’s attention when they announced that immediately following an accident, phone records are investigated to determine if the driver was talking or texting at the time.

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