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Fleas are known parasites that live on warm-blooded bodies. They are wingless and often dark reddish brown in color with an average length of 2mm.

Fleas are agile creatures and are able to transport themselves due to their legs that help them jump relatively great distance. Their small and flat shape give them further advantage in moving on their hosts’ hair.

Furthermore, fleas thrive in warm and humid climates like Miami.Which speeds up the hatching of flea eggs.


Scientific name: Siphonaptera

Fleas are the bane of pet owner’s existences, especially with the large number of animals in Miami’s warm and humid climate, especially domestic pets.

Their preference for warm bodies, ability to jump long distances and tenacity often makes them very hard to control.

Their bites can cause pets and humans severe discomfort, and even spread disease if not kept in check due to their parasitic feeding method.

Did You Know: Fleas only have an average lifespan of 30-90 days. But they breed fast enough in humid, warm environments that populations can skyrocket in that time frame.

What’s So Dangerous About Fleas?

Despite being wingless and on average only 2 mm in size, fleas manage to get everywhere.

Large numbers of them can cause plenty of damage, earning them the titled as the number #1 external parasite for cats and dogs alike.

Due to their method of feeding through their two-part jaws, which includes anti-coagulating saliva and foreign blood from a previous host, fleas can infect your pets with pathogens that could make them sick.

Their bites can also cause irritation to pets, often making them scratch themselves so aggressively that it can have lasting effects on their health.

Did You Know: Flea eggs are more problematic as they are harder to find and can easily fall into carpets, wood floors and furniture.

Flea Control

Sadly, fleas are well known for being a very hard pest to get rid of, especially once they’re in your home.

While adult fleas and nymphs alike are easy to control, their eggs are hard to remove and could often be overlooked in a large home.

One Two Tree’s program includes treatments for both inside and outside your come to curb populations.

However, it will also take the vigilance of the homeowner, with constant checks and cleaning regiments to get rid of both fleas and their larvae before they can continue the cycle anew.

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