Fertilization The Grass Is Always Greener

  • Greener Grass
  • Denser Canopy
  • Thicker Growth
  • Controls Fungal Infection
  • Controls Insect Population
  • Prevents Weeds

The Benefits of Fertilization:

One Two Tree believes that a healthy lawn is a happy lawn, and we provide specialized fertilization services to our customers. Our two-step program of liquid fertilizers and selective herbicides keep your lawn looking its best.

Our regiment of assessments and applications of fertilizer are carefully formulated to bring out the best in all lawns, especially on Florida standard St Augustinegrass and high end sports lawns such as zoysiagrass.

fertilizer compared side by side St Augustinegrass
Did you know?: Florida’s soil is considerably less fertile due to their sandy compositions, and are often deprived of nutrients by the absorption of heavy rainfall.

What Grows Our Grass?

The popular misconception going around South Florida is that lawns live directly off water, and most people don’t bother to water their lawns occasionally due to seasonal rain. But what if I told you that the heavy rainfall is actually hurting the grass by leaching its natural nutrients?

Natural soil nutrients are what really feed the grass, from the macronutrients such as Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus and Micronutrients such as Iron, Magnesium and Manganese. Coupled with heavy rain and naturally infertile soils around Miami, fertilization is a necessary part of maintaining a healthy lawn.

Did you know?: Kelp has been used as a natural biostimulant on lawns since the 1920’s, as it naturally contains dozens of micronutrients that are effective at stimulating cell and root development.

Soil Additives

Northeast Atlantic Kelp:

A species of kelp that provides some of the best nutrients that aid in lawn growth and health, and is the most commonly used in Florida to promote lawn health.


Auxins- Responsible for elongated growth of plant tissue, cell division, plant movements and plant tissue aging.


Involved in cell division regulation that affects plant growth, rest period, inhibition of aging plant tissues and nutrient transportation.


These plant hormones regulate growth and influence various developmental processes, such germination, dormancy, flowering and fruit production.

Did you know? Kelp used to be marketed as an organic fungicide due to its ability to allow grass to grow beyond the zone of infection to prevent fungal spread.

Need Professional Help?

One Two Tree’s fertilization service uses specialized liquid treatments dedicated to preserving and improving the health of your lawn. Our experts offer on site-mixing, assessments, and bi-monthly applications plans to suit your property’s needs. We use our liquid based fertilizing program to strengthen your lawn, combined with a selective herbicide based weed control service to prevent invasive germination on your property.

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