One of the primary dangers and it does get a lot of attention perhaps not enough throughout the year every year, sadly we always hear about people getting electrocuted.

So one of the biggest dangers is the tree branches that come in close proximity or actually touching the power lines. And there is also misconceptions about people look up their power lines and the ones that are typically closest to the trees or the low heavy black insulated lines which are actually no danger most of that are communications and data cables that are no threat.

But above those looks like skinny little wires at the very top uninsulated are a lot of the primary electrical lines carrying high voltage and another misconception is that a lot of people think you have to come in contact with those lines before you get electrocuted the reality is you don’t you need only be close with a metal tool in your hand (a saw type situation).

The electricity is powerful enough to arc and jump and make that gap within a few feet and sometimes more, Very often that’s how people get hurt or killed is by reaching out trying to trim a branch knowing they’re not going to touch the power line but they don’t realized that they’re too close and they can make a connection and we read about it in the news.

I’ve seen in the news people dying in Dade Country, Broward County getting electrocuted. People should definitely be cautious and hire a professional.

Absolutely, including there are situations were we turn down that work. Even though we have the know how and we have the tools. Utility pruning is a specialty in itself and we’re limited on what we can do, a certain utility pruning must be done, by the power company’s tree service. We know our limitations but it is something we review. We look at it and I make a decision a head of time, yes we can handle this safety or if it is questionable at all we will pass and refer it to the power company.

The risk of do it yourself tree trimming video is part of an ongoing series geared towards educating South Floridians to carry out safety.

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