Deep look into Tree Trimming Miami Florida Video Transcription

On the Trimming side of our business we pride ourselves on extremely high quality tree work. We have very experience crews, the lead trimmer or foreman of each crew has been with this company for over 15 years.

They do this day in and day out. They have an excellent eye for shaping and balancing trees for diagnosing and recognizing problem areas in trees high risk situations with branches that may converged or rub against each other, branches that may be heavy and extend over the roof of the house or close to other structures over driveways, proximity to sidewalks and areas that involve pedestrian’s, over playgrounds, backyard play areas there’s a lot of considerations of what goes into deciding on how to trim a tree.

Again we pride ourselves on our crews having that experience taking the time to evaluate trees before they start to trim come up with the game plan and that also kind a general consensus between the tree crews and myself. I typically review the jobs before the crews go out.

I’ll go over the details of what were going to do how were going to do it with the customer and then it’s my responsibility to convey that to each crew make sure they have the good understanding of what’s involved in each job and they go out and obviously perform the work and which I’ll typically supervise throughout a given job of trying to be there at the start to do a walk thru and discuss the particulars with the foreman and then turn them lose and then try to check them out once or twice throughout a job and certainly do a final review at the end.

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