Community Involvement

Giving Back to Our Community

One Two Tree strongly believes that it has a corporate responsibility to give back to South Florida’s by lending our support to the community. We make extensive efforts into making a positive difference in our community. By lending our support in many way through financial assistance, donations (personnel time, products, services and equipment) to charitable events, causes and community projects, we showcase our desire to help the community at large. Below are a few of the events that we are committed to:

Hurricane House Call

Collaborations are a beautiful thing, especially when we get to help our community along the way.

In preparation for this year’s Hurricane Season, One Two Tree teamed up with South Florida’s Local 10 News to lend a helping hand to Jackie, mother of 4-year-old Joshua, a special needs child that requires around the clock care. In her situation, having to worry about medical equipment to treat her son is higher on her priority list.

Since we can only imagine the difficulties of having to prepare their home for this year’s hurricane season, we helped the deserving family with a house makeover.

It was a humbling experience and we were touched by Jackie’s situation. She is the true hero and we felt it was the least we can do. We would like to thank Local 10 News for allowing us to be a part of Hurricane House Call and look forward to many South Florida Community Efforts in the future.

Corporate Run

This Mercedes-Benz sponsored event is over 25 years old and growing every year.

One Two Tree has grown along with the event, is now celebrating its own 25th anniversary and is very proud of our long-term relationship.

Each year we donate 2 bucket trucks and personnel as support for race activities. One bucket truck has the prestige of being positioned at the starting line and lifting the official race photographer high above as the race begins. The Run promotes a health and fitness agenda, while benefiting The American Red Cross, a perfect fit for the One Two Tree family.

Corey for St. Jude Golf Tournament

This event has a near and dear connection to our company. Corey Sticco is the son of Tim Sticco, Superintendent at Shula’s Golf Club.

Shula’s is a long standing customer and Tim is considered part of our One Two Tree family.

Corey was stricken with a brain tumor which ultimately resulted in numerous medical complications, surgeries and treatments. St Jude Children’s Research Hospital has been there for the Sticco family in many ways, including providing life-saving surgery to Corey. The Tournament has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for St. Jude over the years and One Two Tree is humbled by offering support in many different ways. If you would like to lend support as well, please visit:

Fairchild Ramble

A multi-faceted event that obviously has a direct connection to our “green” industry. The Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden “Ramble” offers a place for all tree, palm and plant lovers to meet and greet while being exposed to hundreds of businesses that have products and services related to the industry. Additionally, sampling local tropical foods, attending botanical seminars, listening to live music, purchasing a plant at South Florida’s largest plant sale are only some of the many other aspects of this garden party! One Two Tree continues to lend support to the Ramble.

Training in the City of South Miami

One Two Tree is recognized as a leader in our industry partly due to the time we dedicate to on-going, technical field training.

We have partnered with The City of South Miami by including some of their Public Works personnel in our training sessions in exchange for using City Parks property as some of our training grounds. Developing a mutually beneficial relationship has been a great success.

ING / Miami Marathon

At One Two Tree, the early bird gets the worm. Since its inaugural year, One Two Tree has supported the Miami Marathon which benefits The Orange Laces Nation and The Run For Something Better, both children’s fitness programs.

We have partnered with The City of South Miami by including some of their Public Works personnel in our training sessions in exchange for using City Parks property as some of our training grounds. Developing a mutually beneficial relationship has been a great success.

Forever Bloom Alliance

Submitted by: Ana C. Vega

Since I became part of the One Two Tree family back in 2001, I learned to give back to our community by participating in many of the events that we sponsor or are part of every year.

A few months ago, I was talking to my daughter Anita about getting involved with a nonprofit organization to give some of my time to a good cause.

She is a member of the FBA, or Forever Bloom Alliance, which is an organization led by students, teachers, volunteers and business professionals. Their personal mission is to promote the educational and social well-being of America’s youth.

She invited me to participate and I liked the idea of giving back to our community by helping young people participating in different events.

One of their events is the shoreline clean up at Bayfront Park, which is monthly volunteer work to clean up the beautiful Biscayne Bay shoreline. This area connecting Bayside and the Miami River is important to the upkeep of the beauty of our city, and is now one of the community events sponsored by One Two Tree.

I feel that this is a good way to give back, by supporting America’s youth and also spending quality time with my daughter.

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