5 Termite Prevention Tips That Every Homeowner Must Know

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Termites can cause up to $40 billion in property damage to 600,000 houses yearly. As long as your home has wood and soil, termites are looking to gain a great meal.

Termites are tiny pests that love feasting upon dead plant matter, like your house’s wood, your soil, or those decayed logs in your backyard. Termites can slowly ruin the structure of your house by eating your wood down to the last nibble. You could already have termites and not even know it, as they are sneaky and hard to catch in action.

However, with a few preventative tips, you’ll see your worries fade.

Are you a homeowner wondering how to prevent termites in the future? Are you curious about what draws those pesky bugs in? Continue reading so you can know the ins and outs of termite prevention!

1. Reduce Soil-to-Wood Contact

Subterranean termites adore tight spaces where soil and wood meet. This means areas underneath your house are a gold mine for them. To prevent termites, reduce soil-to-wood contact by keeping wood feet to inches away from the ground.

2.  Take Away the Plants 

Plants are lovely to have in the house, but they invite various pests, such as termites, to feast on their leaves. To prevent this, keep all plants outside and allow them to be at least 12 inches away from your home. 

To prevent termites, keep your home’s grass and trees trimmed.

3. Keep the Food Away

Of course, the best preventative tip is to keep termites’ favorite food from your home. Termites enjoy cellulose materials, so keep plants, dead trees, rotting wood, boxes, recyclable paper, etc away from your house.

4. Reduce House Moisture 

Many pests enjoy moisture in small spaces. When you keep your home cool and manage the humidity, you remove the spaces that they are attracted to. If you have leaky pipes, roof leaks, or areas where water comes in from the outside, repair them to prevent leaking and keep pests out. 

5. Get Annual Inspections by Pest Control Professionals

Termites are extremely sneaky, so it can be hard for homeowners to see where they are hiding. To mend this, get annual inspections by pest control professionals.

For example, One Two Tree is a South Florida-based pest service that helps keep your trees and lawn healthy. What makes One Two Tree different is that they work to sustain your vegetation through termite control, rather than destroy it. Protect the planet and increase your property value with our pest control services!

Stay Structured With Our Termite Prevention Tips 

Termites will ruin your house structure in the blink of an eye. Luckily, with these helpful tips, you’ll be able to savior your property. Termite prevention is worth the investment. You’ll not only protect yourself from termites but other annoying pests as well!

One Two Tree is known for its exceptional and sustainable service against household bugs. Get in contact so you can keep your home safe!

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