Lawn Care Meets Verticutting:

Extraordinarily Green

  • Greener, healthier lawn
  • Less insect prone
  • Minimal scalping
  • Reduce risk of disease
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South Florida’s Lawns

The rainy summer season of Miami has started up once again, pouring down on the respective properties of its homeowners and landowners alike.

With the humidity at an all-time high, lawns are getting the benefits and side effects of the large rainfall that comes with the changes around this time of the year.

Landscaping maintenance and treatment is a must of course, to prevent any of the dangers of Florida’s natural subtropical environment.

rainy summer in miami

A major part of this project is lawn care, which focuses on the beautification of lawns and their specific care, especially with the misconception that grass only lives on water and sunlight. Whether it be a flooded patch of turf, thatch build up, or even pesky fungus, it comes with the territory of wanting to keep your lawn healthy and pest free, or otherwise, in perfect shape for the neighborhood.

But is there a process for a greener, healthier lawn?

Fortunately, there is one: It’s called vertical cutting. Vertical cutting or verticutting is a turf care practice meant to insure the health of high quality residential, athletic field and sports stadium lawns, by removing thatch (troublesome layers of dead material that naturally accumulate at the topsoil level and prevent proper new growth and moisture retention).

A Special Type of Lawn Care

What is the Verticutting Process?

This process is an alternative to scalping, or short shearing, which if done incorrectly can damage or even kill locally used species of luxury turfs and high end sports lawns such as Zoysia and Bermuda grasses.

Due to these grass species being adapted for hotter climates, lawns comprising of their breeds absorb plenty of moisture, and if not properly maintained will develop a layer of thatch, which is a mix of dead blades of grass, roots, and stems that give the turf a spongy texture and interfere with new healthy growth.

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Accumulation of thatch keeps turf and grasses from growing in properly, resulting in other conditions such as fungus, dry lawn spots, disease, and insect infestations. But if done once a year, verticutting can keep your lawn looking as green and healthy as the day it was first laid down.

4 Weeks after trimming

Less Risks, No Worries

In Florida, this means lessening the risk of various lawn based diseases, such as gray leaf spot fungus and brown patch fungus. As such, even places such as active sports fields and golf courses receive similar treatments to ensure their year round use for the public. However, this program must be implemented by an expert for the full effects to take place.

One Two Tree’s experience in verticuting the lawns of numerous estate properties , including the turf of local athletic fields, and sports stadiums results in fuller, healthier and greener surfaces that the most demanding clients have come to expect.

If you consider your lawn or turf to be an important investment to your property, and wish to showcase it as such, you too can add verticuting to your maintenance program.

brown patch on golf coursebrown patch on sports field

One Two Tree’s professional, high-quality lawn care service will result in an improvement in the quality of your turf, elimination of damaging insects, weeds and imperfections.

If you’d like to enjoy other benefits that this company has to offer, try our comprehensive Pest Control and Tree Care programs to properly maintain your property for all of its outdoor needs.