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fleas control in miami

Once fleas infest a home, control will require a vigilant program to keep both your pets and family safe.


We face cockroach problems year round because our climate is perfect for cockroaches to breed and multiply.


Ants can be a major issue with any or across unattended properties. Cleanliness is just a small part of the solution.


Our technicians are specially trained to determine what type of trap or type of bait is best for attracting a specific rodent.

possum removal in miami

Possums should not be using your property for shelter and pose danger to your animals, plants and family.


One Two Tree is specially trained in the removal and relocation of, or extermination of, bees and beehives.


                       A new era in pest control for South Florida!

Cultural changes to control pest

Cultural changes is one of the best ways to start a green environment where you are not using products around your home if not need to or unnecessary. One of the main things that we always look for are cracks or broken screens, window seals that are not sealed correctly, cracks under your door, vents this helps controlling pest by just changing or sealing and any of these and eliminating the infestation or the entrance points of the insects.

Product Treatments

We start looking at the best way to treat with as minimal products inside your home as possible. Targeting the insect at the point of source of where they are living. There's different product lines that we could use. But the three main sources that we use at this point are baits, dust and liquid Foams.


Perimeter Treatments

Perimeter Treatments are great because we are applying products at the source of point of entry for the insects, we do baits granular baits outside, we do perimeter treatments around your doors, windows, garage, vents and anywhere we know that there could be possibility of a entrance points for insects then we go and apply the products.



Thanks to One Two Tree, Mr. Montiel and the girl at the office who was very helpful and professional. I have recommended their service to some of my friends and they have told me how happy they are with their service too.

David Perez

The nasty residue the whitefly pest would leave behind has been taken care of making it one less trip to the car wash for me. One Two Tree has exceeded my expectations; I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for QUALITY WORK!

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