Pest Control Miami

Our pest control service is a proven way to enjoy the comforts of your home or office without having to deal with uninvited guests.

The standard timing of these applications is early and late spring, summer and fall, however, applications may be started at any time.

Protect your home and office from these uninvited invaders with a barrier treatment around the perimeter of your property.

One Two Tree Pest Control

– will provide an insect shield around the outside of your home or office that will control such pests as ants, fleas, cockroaches, bees, whitefly, rodents, and many more before they have a chance to enter.

Seasonal treatments are important, because newly active insects in the spring will be heading inside to avoid sudden cold snaps or find a source of food for the season.

Summer treatments fight newly hatched crickets and fleas. In fall, barrier treatments will prevent spiders and millipedes from getting inside to seek shelter from the cold.

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Miami has a number of pests that every home/business owner has to deal with at one time or another and a lot of this is because of the warm climate.




flea-control-petsThe climate here in beautiful South Florida is perfect for harboring any number of insects and pests year-round. If these pests aren’t dealt with regularly, home and business owners alike can experience real problems when it comes to the structural integrity of their home or office, the safety of their family and pets.

Our pest control company One Two Tree can help you with any number of pest control issues that you might experience around the greater Miami area. Here is a description of a few of the main Pest and Rodents that we treat.


Ants Control

ants-pest-control-miami-one-two-treeFire ant removal: fire ants can be a major issue with any or across unattended properties. Because fire ants can be extremely harmful to people it’s important to use professional services to deal with colonies of fire ants and prevent them from resurfacing in the near future.

So many people try to tangle with fire ants and this can lead to serious bites and in some cases damage that could require a hospital visit. With the help of our fire ant removal service we can safely get rid of any colonies that you might have on your property and ensure that fire ants won’t be returning for up to a year after our services have been used.


cockaroaches-pest-control-miami-one-two-treeCockroaches in Miami can very quickly take over in many spaces simply due to the warm climate. If cockroaches are able to get near a decent source of food that could be found inside your kitchen cupboards or within your house, it really doesn’t take that long for cockroaches to begin reproducing and striving in your home.

We use a variety of methods to drive out cockroaches from your home and eliminate them as well as take precautions so that you avoid future infestations.


Fleas can find their way into your home and plague your pets and family causing painful bite marks and irritation.

Fleas need to consume blood in order to reproduce and continue. If they’re able to live on your pets or on your skin they can survive almost indefinitely inside your home.

We can work to eliminate fleas from your pets and from your home.

Essentials of Flea and Tick Control

Ever year flea and tick problems with pets rank among the highest issues in veterinary hospitals. Both fleas and ticks are considered parasites that feed on the blood of their host and transmit serious diseases.


Any organism that lives on or in an organism of another species from the body of which it contains nutriment without contributing to the well being of that organism.

Parasite can be group into 2 categories

Internal Parasites:

Generally live within the body of the host animal. One of the most common internal parasites are intestinal worm.

External Parasites:

Live and feed outside the host.

What is Flea

Fleas are small dark color agile insect with tube like mouth parts adapted to feeding on the blood of their host. This combine with their very quick reproductive cycle makes them a difficult challenge to eliminate from the pet and in the environment. In order to thoroughly understand how to treat and prevent their infestation from occurring it is important to first understand a life cycle of the flea.

The life cycle of the flea

The Flea life cycle begins with the adult female flea acquiring a blood meal from the pet and laying her eggs usually on the skin or hair of the pet. Adult fleas must feed on blood before they become capable of reproduction. The flea can consume as much as 15 times its weight with blood each day. Female fleas are capable of laying up to 40  to 50 eggs per day, this eggs will then fall off the pet unto the carpet, sofa, yard or other location the pet visits frequently. These eggs are very small white sphere that will hatch into larvae into 2 to 14 days depending on the conditions. Flea larva emerges from the egg to feed any available organic material including species of other fleas known as flea dirt.

Flea Larvae tends to avoid light and keep to dark places such as cracks, crevices and bedding. If adequate supply of food is available larvae will complete their development in 5 to 10 days and spin a silk like cocoon in which they mold into a pupa stage. The final transformation to the adult flea occurs within the cocoon and the newly form adult flea emerges when properly stimulated by heat, carbon dioxide and other environmental stimuli which might indicate an available food sources in the area. The entire cycle from egg to adult can take as little as 2 weeks or up to 6 months depending on the environmental conditions.

The adult flea is the only stage of the flea life cycle. The other stages are generally very difficult to see without magnification even spotting the adult flea requires a thorough examination of the skin. There are certain locations on the pet were fleas commonly congregate.

In order to maintain a flea and tick free house a joint effort is necessary,we ask our clients to take pets to their veterinarian for proper flea and tick treatment.

As we take the necessary action in your home we eliminate fleas and ticks  in carpets, furniture and wood floors.


Rats and mice are prevalent in South Florida  and One Two Tree has the highly trained staff that can set the right trap or bait to solve your rodent problems.

We offer monitoring of traps, removal and disposal of trapped rodents. We thoroughly review your property and structures to locate and seal access points that these mobile rodents utilize.




Bees and Beehive Removal, Relocation & Exterminationbees-in-miami

From the interior to exterior of your property bees and beehives must either be relocated or exterminated.

We uphold an eco-friendly approach in our practices but in certain situations extermination is necessary.

Bee advised we do not recommend DIY projects with this matter. Our Pest Control Division is State Certified, Licensed and Insured with specialty training in successful and safe relocation and extermination of bees.


These are tiny, winged insects that belong to the Order Hemiptera which also includes aphids scales, & mealybugs. Typically feeding on the underside of leaves penetrating the tissue and removing plant sap with their “needle-like” mouthparts.

We have great success with our preventative programs. If your plants have already been infested we can stop the defoliation & destruction of your trees . Our highly trained technicians spray a contact insecticide on the foliage & a systemic drench of the root systems to provide protection from re-infestation .


These vicious animals are common in South Florida.

Often going through trash and stealing food. Their droppings could carry diseases and parasites such as rabies and roundworm. Please be advised never try to corner these wild animals and force them to defend themselves. Call us up for professional trapping.



Exterminator Miami Pest Control Tips

 Does a clean kitchen solve my pest problems?

We all know insects and rodents attract to food. You may think well I can prevent pest by simply not keeping dirty dishes on counter tops or having any open bags of chips lying around.

Sure it helps but moisture is also a major factor in attracting pest. Sources of moisture attract pest, so do a check for areas around your property (gutters, accordion storm shutters) and see if you can keep them dry to avoid unnecessary moisture build ups.

 Help us help you!

After treatments we provide suggestions and tips to maintain a pest free zone. We ask that you follow our advice and tips because it will ensure the effectiveness of our treatment and help prevent problems from reoccurring.


Common House Hold Pest and their links to allergies and asthma.


When most people think of allergies and asthma triggers, they likely think pollen dust and animal dander.

But they might not realize that the common household pest such as cockroach can also be a significant and often unknown trigger. This is especially concerning when you considered the fact that 63 percent of American homes have detected a level of cockroach allergens.PESTS AND THEIR NEGATIVE EFFECTS

So how exactly cockroach triggers allergies and asthma.


  1. The saliva dropping and decomposing bodies of cockroach. Contains allergens proteins which are know to triggers allergies and increase the severity of Asthma symptoms.
  2. Your children are especially at risk. In fact, several large scale studies funded by National Institute of environmental health Sciences and National Institute of Infectious Diseases have reinforce the dangerous connections between cockroaches and asthma especially to children.


The National Institute of environmental health Sciences reported that 1 in 5 children in United States have severe sensitivity cockroach allergens. Because Cockroach is tend to be found in inner city areas those living in urban locations are in increase risks. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America reports that 78 to 98 of urban homes have cockroaches. With as many as 900 to more than 300 hundred thousands cockroaches per home.


Symptoms of Cockroach Allergy include:

1.Mild itchy skin

2. Scratchy Throat

3. Itchy Eyes

4. Skin Rashes

5. Stuffy Nose

These allergy symptoms can develop into persistent asthma for some people.

Asthma is serous and sometimes life threatening chronic respiratory disease. It directly affects the quality of life for almost 25 millions Americans including the estimated 7 million children. The National Cooperative Inner-City Asthma Study found that asthmatic children with both allergic tendencies to cockroach allergens and to high exposure cockroach allergens in their homes are more likely wheezing, miss the school day, night without sleep and unscheduled medical visit even hospitalization for asthma attack.


If you’re suffering from allergy and asthma symptoms it is very important to see your doctor. A medical professional will be able to test you for cockroach allergy as well as other common allergens like dust mite, cats, dogs and molds.

To diagnose an allergy the doctor will prick skin with cockroach extract. Redness, rush and swelling at the site confirm cockroach allergy.

There are no cures for allergies and asthma but they can be controlled through medical treatment, your doctor may recommend the use of anti histamine and decongestant medication to manage symptoms. If you have asthma they may also prescribe anti inflammatory medication and bronchodilators.

The Management of Environmental triggers such as cockroach allergens can also go a long way helping relieve symptoms. One Two Tree Inc. is a trained pest control miami company will be able to inspect your home. Identifies areas where cockroaches are present and recommend a course of action to eliminate the pest.

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Ants, roaches, silverfish, rats and mice, as well as fleas and ticks are just some of the pests in South Florida that invade our homes.  At One Two Tree we have trained and licensed pest control technicians (exterminators) to take care of whatever is “bugging” you.  Let one of our experts in structural pest control help keep your place pest free.  Be it your home or business, large or small, we’re here for you.Call now to schedule these treatments to keep insects outside of your home where they belong!

– The One Two Tree Family.