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Mosquitoes are one of the greatest pest concerns of homeowners.

Besides ruining a pleasant outdoor evening with their habit of biting everything in sight, they are known for their ability to spread diseases. It’s no wonder they are at the top of the list for most peskiest pests!

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Did you know …

Only female mosquitoes suck blood for nutrition, and tend to bite anything they can find. They bite so that they can suck the blood they need to produce eggs. So every time a mosquito bites you or your pets, you are contributing to the production of more mosquitoes!

Why Are Mosquitoes a Problem?

Mosquito bites are not just an itchy irritant, they are a significant health concern. Their habit of taking blood for nutrition allows them to transmit numerous diseases including:

Zika Virus
– West Nile Virus
– Dengue Fever
– Malaria
– Yellow Fever
And more!

When Do They Come Out?

Mosquitoes are most active from dusk till dawn. Then they hide out from morning to evening in cool, shady areas – so you and your family can even get bitten during the day when you relax under a cool shade of a tree or your children or pets play in a nice, cool grassy area!

How Can You Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Yard?

Although no one can completely eliminate this flying health hazard, you can significantly reduce their presence – and their bites! – with One Two Tree’s Eco-friendly Mosquito Control Program and some simple environmental controls.

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While we’re usually resting easy during their winter season, this year is a bit different. Our colder temperatures aren’t even making a dent in their numbers. Their eggs can even survive the harsh Northern U.S. winters in, so our low 60 degrees were no threat to these hardy insects.

Their usual breeding period is in the spring, as mosquitoes love the heat and humidity of Miami, and their swarms can grow to high numbers if they are not controlled.

mosquito laying egg in water

Did you know …

Mosquitoes thrive in standing water. The female lays her eggs on the water, in either separate clumps or standing groups. Once hatched, the larvae become adults within two weeks – to breed and continue the lifecycle themselves.

We will also inspect your property and make recommendations for environmental controls that will reduce mosquito attraction to your property and their ability to live and breed there. These may include such controls as:

  • Tree & Shrubs

    Trim back overgrown foliage, such as shrubs and trees. It’s a perfect place for moisture to gather, and give safe breeding ground for any local populations.

  • Stagnated Water

    Drain areas of standing water, such as ditches and drains, as they can be prime places for mosquitoes to lay their eggs.

  • Look out for any clumps of eggs

    Treat or regularly change water in ornamental fixtures such as bird baths, larger backyard pools, as well as children’s wading pools. Keep the pH balance to a safe level and always maintain proper chlorine treatments.

  • Water Buildup

    Don’t allow build up or excessive water to collect and stand in yard toys, planters, potted plants, boats/trailers, bird baths, and clogged drains.

Especially with the wet weather we’ve had earlier this year, be on the look out for any liquid build up, as it’s a prime breeding place for mosquitoes. Don’t allow build up or excessive water to collect and stand anywhere on your property.

Our Methods of Control:

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Spray Treatments

(adulticides and larvicides)

thermal fogging mosquito control in coral gables

Thermal Fogging

  • Don’t allow mosquitoes to drive you indoors!
  • Fight back with One Two Tree’s Mosquito Control Program.
  • Act NOW and get your first application FREE by signing up for our seasonal mosquito program!
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