Mission Statement

Our Company

One Two Tree, Pest Free will set the standard in the industry for providing Tree, Lawn, Pest Control and Landscape Health Care. We will enhance our customer’s landscapes in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, accomplishing this through hard work, honesty, respect, dedication, commitment and continuous training.

Our focus is to satisfy and educate our customers about the methods we use to trim trees, improve your lawn, nourish your trees and shrubs, and keep household pests away. We take responsibility and pride for your lawn and landscapes progress every step of the way.

Pest Control Division

Our stance on pest control is eco-friendly and adapted for each and every pest identification. The goal is to keep pests from invading your homes, by controlling or eliminating populations around your property. Keep the safety of your family and pets in mind with our methods that give more focus to exterior control, instead of heavy indoor product use.
We hold our customer satisfaction in high regards when it comes to our pest control services. By providing flexible schedules for appointments, and explaining our methods to our customers, we hope to let them know that we are giving them the best quality service possible.

Tree Care

This division stands as our bread and butter, where we focus on safety and professionalism when taking care of a client’s trees on their property. This can be due to access problems such as power lines, building structures or other obstacles that can require the use of our specialized equipment. If your property has one or more of these obstacles, you have found the company suited for the job. All dangerous limbs and trunks are roped and slowly lowered after the cut is made, making for easy removal.
Nothing is more important to us than gaining our customers trust, we strive to deliver excellent customer service with the skills, talent and experience required to satisfy all your Tree and Landscape health care needs. We continue to move toward a future with new equipment, metho ds and our own sense of pride when it comes to tree care.

Lawn Care

Lawn Care is one of our specialties, where we take care of your turf, ornamentals, and shrubs with the greatest discretion possible. As with our tree care, our products and services have evolved to continue to keep our clients turf healthy and green.

We use eco-friendly liquid fertilizers to keep your lawn healthy, as they do not leach into soil, providing a comforting sense of safety for your lawn and your property. With our help and maintenance through proper care, your lawn and plants can provide beautiful surroundings, cooling shade and many other benefits.

Our Green Team Motto

At One Two Tree, our drive is our committing to the job and our clients through excellent service. We as a family look forward to the future with our professional pride, dedicated to the best work for our clients. We’ve achieved this by continuing to move forward with our methods, products and direction when it comes to Tree Care, Lawn Care, and Pest Control.

For our help on keeping your property green and healthy, give us a call.
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