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South Florida lawns are unique. Not only are there differences from lawns in other areas of the U.S., but each and every lawn in South Florida is distinct, with its own personality and unique characteristics.

Because of this, each has its own, individual lawn care needs. One Two Tree Lawn Care specialists understand the uniqueness of your lawn and will craft a carefully customized program to best care for your property.

Key aspects of each customized, lawn care program

Insect control

There are a number of insects that can damage your lawn, including such common insects as snails, grubs, and fire ants, as well as those that are more Florida-specific, such as royal palm bugs and Eastern Lubber grasshoppers.

One Two Tree knows that the success of any insect control program relies on an understanding of the biology and behavior of each insect.

We apply this knowledge to create a comprehensive assessment and treatment program to deal with insects around your property – from the identification of the insect to the proper chemical treatments needed to either reduce the population or eradicate their numbers entirely.

lawn insects under grass

brown patch disease on sports turf

Disease control

Just like humans, the foliage on our property can be subject to disease, and if not “cured,” these lawn and ornamental diseases can cause long-term damage. In Florida, some of the most common lawn diseases are gray leaf spot and brown patch fungus.

To control these and other lawn diseases, One Two Tree utilizes environmentally safe chemicals and personalized care procedures, such as spraying and trimming to keep your lawn disease free, and at low risk of recurrent diseases such as funguses or dry lawn spots.

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Weed Control

Weeds are a potential problem of any lawn from southern Florida to Northwest Washington. But Floridians have particular issues with weeds – year ’round – because our climate is so suited to their growth.

With the number and variety of weeds in the Miami area, it can be difficult for the homeowner to identify them all – let alone get rid of them!

One Two Tree’s comprehensive lawn care program treats for weeds with specialized herbicide to prevent growth. We then provide you with recommendations for ongoing lawn care that will help to ensure healthy turf, which curbs weed growth that can result from damage or insects.

For general healthy lawn tips, visit our Lawn Care Tips web page, and discover more about the most common weeds at our Common Weeds in South Florida page.

weed control close up of matchweed

lawn aeration close up


One Two Tree’s aeration services improve your lawn’s density and encourage vigor. Our services:

  • Help to control thatch.
  • Improve the soil structure of your lawn.
  • Create growth pockets for new roots
  • Open the way for water and fertilizer to reach the root zone.

Through our aeration services, we’ll create thousands of growth pockets to catch water, air, and fertilizer and increase rooting, ensuring a more attractive, lush lawn.


To keep all your foliage green, healthy and looking its best, a consistent program of the right fertilizer and fertilization is essential.

Through our unique, environmentally friendly fertilization formulas, on-site mixing of specialized lawn-care spray, and comprehensive care assessments, One Two Tree’s customized lawn-care program will cater to the exact needs of your lawn.

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