brown patch fungus in fall

Large Brown Patch Fungus in the fall

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Hello, I’m Dusty Montiel with One Two Tree Inc. and have been in the professional lawn care business for 11 years.

I’m also a State Certified Pest Control Operator specializing lawn and ornamentals & general house pest. I wanted to share a common lawn problem South Floridian's face this time of the year.

The weather in South Florida this time of the year causes an increased amount of large patch fungus. The cool night's, early mornings (60-70 degrees), and built up dew in combination with humid afternoons will do it.

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Often our clients ask:

"How do I get this fungus and why?" 

" How can I stop it from coming back?"

Unfortunately, a straightforward answer does not exist.

The Large brown fungus is inevitable with these weather patterns. We need to apply our focus to combating it while minimizing damage.

We can’t control the elements (morning dew or cool nights) but, by avoiding added stress to the lawn, we would aid it to fight off the disease.

Here are a few ways to prevent added stress: 

    Talk to your lawn guy and about this practice
  •          Clean mower blades
  •          Sharpened mower blades
  •          The height of the lawn 

      Overhead irrigation 

This requires an understanding that your lawn may need water in some areas while others do not. Remember, all yards are different!
Here are some things to keep in mind:
  • Heavy shade areas require less water
  • Check irrigation heads for leaks
  • Verify the timer is set to the right time and date 
You should be doing this at least three times a year in South Florida.

Last but not least


The fertilizer you use plays a huge factor in recovery and color of your lawn. 
We use natural carbon-based fertilizers. This is what we call the "plus". Plus ingredients have seaweed extract, humid acids, and Bio-Stimulants along with N-P-K. 

Maintaining your lawn should be a team effort, we all have a part in supporting its health and beauty. If you're looking for a customized lawn care planning and treatment, please reach out to us, and our lawn specialist will gladly assist you.

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