Most Common Bugs South Florida Homeowners Need to Know About

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When the weather is warm – just like in Florida – it becomes the perfect condition for a bug to come out and play. Even if you think that your house is bug-free, chances are you have different kinds of bugs lurking around your home.

Some Florida insects can easily be found in your home while others are tucked away and hidden in furniture, drain pipes, cabinets, and dark corners.

Let’s talk about the most common bugs you will find in your house and some useful tips on how to protect yourself from them.

– This is most active during the spring and summer season. And because of Florida’s warm climate almost all-year round, fleas thrive. When the weather gets hotter, the more it becomes a problem for homeowners. Household pets commonly carry fleas so to keep them away, have your furry pets treated.

Ticks – Just like fleas, ticks are commonly found in pets. There are around 80 different kinds of ticks in the U.S., and they especially like the hot weather. Some ticks can even lead to serious illness like Lyme disease. For safety precaution, make sure your pets are flea and tick free. You can even hire professional pest control services to ensure that there is no infestation in your home.

Ants – Even if you maintain your home as clean as possible, it’s impossible to keep ants away when you live in Florida. There are different kinds of ants, but the most common you will find are the red imported fire ants, carpenter ants, rover ants, and big-headed ants. The good news is, you can always use bug sprays for an easy fix.

– Roaches don’t like being outside when the weather is too hot or too cold, so you will likely find them in your home. In case you have big roaches that menace outside your house, make sure that you seal cracks and any opening which allows them to come uninvited.

Spiders – They can be found on the exterior of your home or on the ceilings where they can catch other insects using their webs. In Florida, some spiders can be poisonous and can pose the serious risk to your health. One way to keep the spiders away is to turn off lights outside that attracts flying insects which essentially serve as their food.

Silverfish – This kind of bug becomes a big problem when they feed on the back of your wallpaper, books, cereals, and flour. Since it is always searching for food and water, they are often found in the kitchen, bookshelves, cupboards, and even bathtubs.

Furniture termites
– It is commonly found in Central and South Florida. This type of termite creates colonies in the wood they are feeding on. Because they require very little moisture from the wood to survive, they can cause a significant amount of damage in homes and furniture before an infestation is discovered. To be able to exterminate pests, the best plan of action is to hire professional pest control services and have the problem fixed.

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