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South Floridians face cockroach problems year round, but the rainy summers of South Florida cause cockroaches to breed & multiply at even greater rates.

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  • Cockroaches need only 1/16 inch to squeeze into even the cleanest of homes
size of cockroach

Penny Thickness = 1/16 Inch

common cockroach in south florida

If you see ONE roach

cockroach found in the wall of pinecrest wall

There could be THOUSANDS behind your walls!

  • Cockroaches can make your family sick, causing disease such as the foodborne illness Salmonellosis.
roach making way into kitchen

Common Cockroaches in South Florida

American Cockroach

1 – 2 inches in length. Can live almost 2 years. Can fly!

American Cockroach

Australian Cockroach

About 1 1/2 inches long. Also called “Palmetto Bug.” Loves to feed on plants, especially in greenhouse type conditions.

australian cockroach

German Cockroach

About 1/2 inch long. Prefer to live in warm humid places – like the kitchens of Florida homes!

german cockroach

Smokey Brown Roach

Up to 2 inches long! Prefers the outdoors, but will invade homes in search of food or water.

Smokey Brown Roach
Many people are allergic to cockroaches

All of these cockroaches can spread disease,cause damage … and are simply disgusting!

How to get rid of roaches?

Applying natural, preventive measures to reduce the ability of cockroaches to survive in your home is the first step in cockroach control.

One Two Tree’s pest control service begins with a thorough inspection by your service technician, who will note conducive conditions and areas where cockroaches could harbor, and provide recommendations for prevention.

Recently Moved?

If you’ve recently moved, you may have boxes stored in a spare room or the garage.

Did you know …

The corrugated spaces of cardboard boxes are a preferred harborage area for German cockroaches!

It’s all too easy for clutter to build up in little-used closets, laundry rooms, and other areas.

german cockroaches found in cardboard boxes

Did you know …
Cockroaches can survive by eating almost anything, including wallpaper paste and the glue of book bindings!

How we can help

Your One Two Tree Pest Free service technician understands your needs, and knows how to “think like a roach,” to develop a customized prevention plan to help you rid your home of cockroach breeding zones – safely and effectively.

Even when taking such an organic, preventive approach, however, there are times that you need treatment. But you should never accept the haphazard “baseboard spraying” of some exterminators.

One Two Tree Pest Control takes a One Two Free! approach to treatment to rid your home of cockroaches and protect your family by working from the outside in:

Two Step Cockroach Treatment

1. Exterior Elimination

In Miami, pests come into homes from the outside.

To guard against their entry, we treat the exterior perimeter of your home every 60 days using the latest non-repellent, cockroach-targeted chemistry that is effective in controlling cockroaches and is environmentally smart!

This is because it is genetically targeted to insects – becoming biologically active only after it is eaten or absorbed by the cockroach.

People, pets, and other mammals don’t “turn the compound on,” so your home is protection with safer, greener cockroach control.

2. Interior Elimination

Our goal is to treat inside your home as little as effectively possible.

We apply bait into cracks and crevices and harborage areas where the cockroaches mingle and pass the insecticide from one to the next.

By coming into your home only twice a year, we can successfully eliminate existing cockroach populations and protect your family and home against new cockroach infestations.

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One Two Tree’s Pest Control Division is dedicated to protecting your family and home from disease-ridden, damage-causing, disgusting cockroaches.

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