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Bee Removal

One Two Tree understands the problems that bees present to families and their property.

Our trained specialists can assess and remove the bee problem from your home in a professional manner.

honey bees on property

Are Bees Buzzing Around?

We understand when a bee colony needs removal, relocation or extermination depending on the assessment of how they are affecting the property.

Certain bee species are territorial, often encroaching on human homes in response to weather. They run the risk of infesting the walls of your home, stinging your family, or even driving a wedge between you and your outside leisure time on the property. While the greenery of South Florida benefits from the many species of bees that buzz around, they can still be a threat to you and your property under the wrong conditions.


Scientific Name: Bombus spp.

European Honey Bee

Apis mellifera Linnaeus

The western honeybee has spread down to South Florida, and can be seen around our native plants and flowers, minding their own business. They often act as a source of honey or domestically used to keep gardens healthy pest free.

honey bee of south florida

Africanized Honey Bee

Africanized Honey Bee found in pinecrest

Apis mellifera scutellata

The aggressive, dangerous cousin of the European honeybee that prefers warmer weather, and is considerably more territorial. This species of bee can swarm and sting with an almost predatory drive, making them a large threat to homes and property.

What Attracts Bees?

Species of flowers, food left in the open or even loud noises can attract bees to a given area. Climate can also be a factor, as it drives bees to certain places around homes in the nearby area. Human intervention can lead bees to attack unsuspecting people, either from a curious prod or a misguided removal attempt.

bee in front yard

Instead of spending countless hours on your own to stop bees from invading your home, Call One Two Tree’s State certified experts. We assess the bees and their hive for the best outcome possible, by either exterminating existing colonies or removing the hive entirely.

close up of africanized bee
Colony Extermination:

Our treatment methods involve selective sprays to kill off any large populations of bees present on your property. Though we do understand that bees are a species that can be beneficial to a property, extermination is often only used as a last resort.

Hive Removal:

If a large colony is present and extermination is ill advised, the best course of action is to remove the hive entirely. Our technicians are trained to locate a large hive, assess how deeply rooted is in its location, and safely remove it without harming the bees.

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