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“ Coral Gables is Our Backyard”

At One Two Tree, we value our family of customers and our large service areas, but we know that there’s no place like home.

From Red Road to Sunset Drive, Coral Gables is the city we hold closest to our hearts, with our nearly 30 years of Pest, Lawn and Tree Care services starting right here in the homeland of South Florida.

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With its suburban streets lined with foliage, decorative turf like St Augustinegrass, and its dedication to keeping the green parts of its community looking healthy, we just love Coral Gables. Our neighbors our part of its charm, with their artistically driven homes and just as equally stunning turf and trees that they appreciate just as much as we do.

We started providing the local community with our expertise in tree service and tree care for their neighboring property from the very beginning. After weathering some major storms, our humble beginning as a family owned Tree Service business expanded to include more, One Two Tree grew its roots into the community of Coral Gables, and it’s always been our favorite family of clients.

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Pest Control & Thermal Fogging Treatment

Alfonso Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33146

At a household on Alfonso Ave, Coral Gables, FL we held our first thermal fogging treatment, showcasing the latest in technology to combat growing pest populations. With Zika Virus fears spreading like wild fire, we got our hands on a thermal fogger, which coupled with our spray treatments keeps mosquito populations down.

Lawn Care Treatment
Large Patch Brown Fungus, Fungicide

Keeping Riviera Country Club Clean

The lush greenery of this was previously plagued by an infestation of lawn patch brown fungus, which kept it from growing at its full potential. With our team, we took the time to spread and sow our environmentally safe fungicides and lawn stimulants to keep the grass from being infected again.

Riviera Country Club
1155 Blue Rd, Coral Gables, Florida 33146 1 Casuarina Concourse

A favorite spot of ours, this luxurious centerpiece of land is located on 1 Casuarina Concourse is a large property with a stunning local piece of architecture. We keep the estate accented by maintaining its lush variety of ornamental local and exotic trees. With our arbor specialists at work on the property, we covered their tree work around the grounds from an exclusive angle by utilizing an aerial drone view.

A Small Introduction with Dusty Montiel (Video)
“Hello, my name is Dusty Montiel with One Two Tree, I am the Pest Division Manager, and this is Jorge, he’s our Pest Tech. We’ve been doing Coral Gables Pest Control properties for 15 years now with our Pest Control Division, for our Lawn and Ornamental Division, we’ve been doing it for about 16 years. and with our Tree Division we’ve been doing work here for 29 year here in Coral Gables.
This is our backyard, we’ve been doing good work, quality work for our residents here.
And because of the work, the team has grown.
So please give us a call at One Two Tree Pest Free.
Thank you.
Pest Control Division Manager, Dusty Montiel:


Hi, my name is Dusty with One Two Tree, and we’re here on a property in Coral Gables, Florida. Actually we’re doing a treatment today for mosquitoes and flea/tick prevention, we’ve been doing this treatment now for over two months.

This is actually one of our previous locations, where we did a Thermal Fogging for mosquito control. And now this is the follow up treatment for this property, 30 days later.

So today we’re just going to do treatments along the perimeter, as you can come along.

We’re going to do all of the shrubs and any of the landscape around the property, so we can make sure we can get good coverage. One of the main things like we have here, as we’ve treated all this here, is the vermilions.

We call these plants mosquito heaven, which usually retain a lot of moisture, or water in the cups of this plant.

So covering this area is very important, as you can see this is towards the front of the home and the windows. So this is one of our hot spots of control for mosquito treatment.

We’ll just spray all around, towards the back of the property, making sure we get both sides of the locations of ornamentals.

Coverage is very important.

About Coral Gables

Coral Gables is located at 25°43′42″N 80°16′16″W.[7] It is bordered on the west by Red Road (West 57th Avenue) north of Sunset Drive (South 72nd Street) and West 49th Avenue and Old Cutler Roads south of Sunset Drive. It is bordered on the north by Tamiami Trail/U.S. Route 41 (South 8th Street), except for a small section that extends north of 8th Street for eight blocks between Ponce de Leon Boulevard and Douglas Road (West 37th Avenue). On the east, it is bordered by Douglas Road (West 37th Avenue) north of South 26th Street, Monegro Street south of South 26th Street to Cadima Avenue, Ponce De Leon Boulevard south of Cadima Avenue to South Dixie Highway (U.S. Route 1), LeJeune Road (West 42nd Avenue) south of U.S. 1 to Battersea Road, and by Biscayne Bay south of Battersea Road. On the south, it is bordered by the Charles Deering Estate.
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brown patch fungus south, florida
brown patch fungus south, florida
after lawn spray and brown patch fungus in coral gables fl

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