Ant Control Remedies (Myths) Explored

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Ants, Household Remedies (Myths) and Proper Control Methods

Flooding of ant nests with boiling water or placing adhesive papers with something sweet are some of the most amateur forms of pest control of ants.

Pest control companies now have much more effective control systems.

Garden ants or black ants in residential areas, camping form nests in places difficult to locate, partial treatments inevitably lead to calls for claims and consequent loss of time and money.

Unlike most parts of the US that worry about ants during spring.

Here in Miami a quick and efficient solution is essential year long, and ants are a problem
But the problem begins when the colonies start in the winter.

The queens start laying eggs and building the nest in February, so the first signs of ant infestation do not appear until the early summer months.

Also, ant colonies can survive year after year if the colony is not properly eradicated.

Ants can become very annoying and difficult to control, the best way to get to control situation involves the location of the nest.

When inspecting to locate the nest, it is important not to use irritating insecticides (pyrethroids) because it would just cause a displacement of the nest.

It is convenient to locate the ants’ food search routes and to establish the direction of movement of the ants that go to the nest and those that go in search of food.

Ants that go to the nest differ by being carriers of pieces of food or having their abdomens inflated.

Pay attention to any holes we spot on the floor with deposits around fine dust.

Once located the nest is to be considered which insecticide we will use. Ideally located the nest in conditions of easy access.

Proper treatment may involve the use of an aspirate and a subsequent spray treatment.

Spraying with residual safe insecticides like Empire 20 or Dow AgroSciences is an efficient solution for a long period of efficiency. The use of microencapsulated chlorpyrifos is a solution to apply in cracks and corners of a particular form, obtaining a satisfactory result in complicated situations like residential areas and zones of catering.

Although the active ingredient is highly effective, it is important to follow a pre-designed structural treatment plan to ensure the best result.

But what can we do if the ants are located inside structures?

In case you are located inside walls or walls, you have to locate the entrance and exit ways.
Once located can be sprayed any crack or gap that forms between wall and floor, ventilation grids. If nests can’t be located, it will be necessary to use gels or insecticide in grain.

Losses from claims are one of the greatest enemies of pest control companies in the summer. It also implies a loss of reputation vis-a-vis the customer. An effective solution to an ant problem satisfies customers and increases the positive valuation of companies.

Proper Care of Ants in Miami-Dade County

To kill ants in the house in a much safer way call the experts at One Two Tree Inc. for family, pest friendly solutions.

These insects are the great enemies of all the houses, and that appear of important form with the arrival of the heat.

They disappear quickly thanks to insecticides, however, there are places like the kitchen where its use is dangerous, and you have to look for a series of alternatives that do less harm than that.

Less Effective Household Remedies

Boric acid is one of the most effective methods to kill ants in your home. You can find it in pharmacies. Mix it with water and put it with some food that attracts the ants and they will stick themselves. Lemon can also help you get rid of them. The acid that contains this citrus disturbs its sense of orientation.

Cinnamon is widely used to exterminate ants from your kitchen. Coffee, by its smell, also attracts ants and exterminates them quickly.

Cornmeal and vinegar may be other options to remove from your home. Also adding half a bottle of vinegar to a bucket of water and scrub the kitchen floor with it you will get to kill ants in your house.

The strong smell that the mixture generates will cause them to leave your home.

It is important not to leave aside the location of the entry foci of the ants, which must be plugged instantly with putty or some materials.

You should also maintain the cleanliness of your home without leaving food scraps that may attract ants.

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